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How to Startup A Smart Bakery Business in Nigeria

Are you looking forward to adding an extra source of income to your account? Or maybe you have been fantasizing about the idea of bakery business? You are going to learn how to start a smart baking business in Nigeria.

A bakery is where all sorts of cake-related foods are made such as breed, cakes, egg rolls, cookies and pastries

You are going to figure out, money is not all that is needed to get your act right in starting up a  successful Smart Bakery business in Nigeria. Here is the deal, you just have to be smart it’s not about starting up a business, it is the brain behind it that will determine how far it will go, as an upcoming entrepreneur, you can leverage the power of ICT in giving your competitors or the big brands a run for their money..

Bakery business is one of the most lucrative businesses that had to stand the test of time, right from the early 80thies till this day, it ranks as a very sure profitable venture, in this post, you are going to get a simple mapped out plan on how you can go about establishing a smart bakery business with a minimal amount

This post was intended for small and micro-entrepreneurs who are trying to get their act right in the bakery industry

Get The Zeal and Passion

While your and I can accept that nothing works in Nigeria without money, but I am here to refute that idea ” Without Zeal and Passion you will easily run out”

I have come to understand that every Nigerian is in a hurry to make money, this is why so many Ponzi schemes have had a field day in our society. You may be wondering why am hinting on this zeal, its necessary because your startup season is going to be filled with a lot of ups and downs that may want to put you out of business and the only thing which will keep you firing and pushing on though is the fire and zeal in you

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How to Startup a Smart Bakery Business in Nigeria

Do a simple online and offline survey around you

Yes we know that bakery business is very lucrative, be it bread, pastries, cakes, and other small chops, the bakery has a lot of areas you should consider dabbling in, but most especially your area of interest should be somewhat related to each other, it’s easier to do bread and meat pies because it outside having to allow the bread to rise overnight meat pies can be produced and supplied to different outlets or canteens around your neighborhood

Your Survey is to find out what kind of pastries and baked foods are in demand around your area,

You should also find out the kind of competition you’re going to face, it is better to start in an area where the competition will not overwhelm you. Here are what you should look out for in the survey

  • The most Demanded baked goods
  • The Market Price
  • The Companies existing in that locality and consumers acceptances or complain in regard to those products.

Draw out a Business Plan on your Bakery Business

See, I know how it feels each time a business plan is mentioned, to me most times it feels like trying to learn all the business taxonomies and slang but simply put, a business plan is just a small document which you put together to help you in putting up that idea into reality, it should contain everything you wish to happen in that business, such as the location, the total amount requires to startup the business and the way you wish to market your baking business.

Choose a good location

If you remembered  I said that location is very vital to the success of any business and in this bakery business, it’s important as ever, while the demand for bread and baked products are ever-increasing, would you like to be in a small sparsely populated area with poor road network, no electricity? The resultant effect will lead to low patronage and spoilage of your bread and products

It’s also not advisable to locate your bakery in a cluster of houses to avoid fire hazards, ensure that you cite your bakery away from other bakeries

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Get the needed Equipment and Tools for your Bakery Business

This is where the most actions and spending will be done, you are going to need the following equipment for the smooth operation of your bakery business

Mixers: of various Kinds which will be used according to the type or quantity of ingredients you are working with
Oven: This is the heartbeat of Bakery business, you can have more than two sets of ovens, Electric and charcoal driven oven, especially where the power supply is unstable, but if you are going into a big-time bakery business, the best is the gas-driven oven, but adequate care must be in place during operation to avoid a crisis. Bread bakery requires coal or charcoal Oven mostly the earth oven to reduce operational cost, but nowadays technology has relegated those types in the background
Slicer: We don’t expect you to always use a knife to cut your bread or meat pies? Of course not, this is a commercial business, there are small equipment designed for it
moulding machines: To give the desired shape and finishing you need a molding machine
Hand gloves: for Personal hygienic and safety standards, especially when health inspectors will come around
Sheet pan racks: to carry your baked products in and out of the oven
Refrigeration: to store some ingredient such as milk, rising agents, eggs, etc to reduce damages and spoilage
Display case: This is very crucial for small entrepreneurs, you can have a showcase stand where onlookers and passerby can see what your products look like

Register Your Business Name, Get License and Approval

After getting set the next line of action should be to get registered, for a low bakery startup, you should opt-in for a Corporate Affairs Commission  business name, Bakery Business requires a license to operate, you need to

Marketing Your Product

The world Smart Means you should think out of the box from already existing solutions and improve on it.

After Production of your Bakery goods where the onus lies is on Selling your products, for a start, you can contact supermarkets and joints around your area, However that may prove stressful, because  other bakers might have reached out before you,

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Think like a Moden Man, and Act like a Nigeria, if you have access to internet facilities now is the best time to leverage on it, run a small online delivery, like special cakes delivery, super bread free delivery, giveaways and try to reach out to your social friends who knows where it’s happening

on a big venture, you can get a delivery van which could add to the overhead cost but the end will be rewarding this will also put you at a competitive edge over some bakers who do not have a vehicle, as the shops, markets owners will prefer shop delivery than coming to pick it themselves

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