Simplest SEO Tricks for new bloggers {Simplified}

So you want some of the  Simplest SEO Tricks you can apply to drive huge traffic to your site? Massive traffic and good SEO ranking are the nitty-gritty any blogger, especially Adsense Bloggers will never get enough of it because their earning online greatly depends on it in this post you are going to know the simplest SOE Tricks for new bloggers

If you are just new into blogging or want to learn  simple ways to boost your Site traffic,  I took my time to break down the basic things you must do to get the Traffic rolling, just call this a bibliography for novice bloggers,

I  divided this Topic From Simple SEO Tweaks, Plugins and fixes to how you can write amazing attention-grabbing Posts, So be sure to bookmark this page,  I will also be updating this page from time to time. It’s going to be a long read so grab a cup of coffee and let’s dig it out!

Sources of web traffic

Paid Traffic: this is the type of traffic that comes from an advertisement such as AdWords or sponsored post in other blogs; This is not the type of traffic we would be looking at in this post as it’s not ideal for content bloggers (Mostly used by e-commerce sites such as Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Ebay to drive traffics to their websites)

Social Media traffic: This is the type of web traffic that comes to social media sites like Facebook, +Google, Pin interest, twitter, Instagram, when a visitor or your blog reader shares your post,

Direct Traffic: This is the type of traffic that comes when someone visits your blog by direct typing it in the browser, words of mouths or other local systems including flyers can help you achieve this.

Organic Traffic: This is the most desirable and welcome type of traffic; this is coming when someone searches for a piece of information on any web search engine such as Google or Bing and your web site/post pop up. Organic Traffic is free and very reliable,

The goal of every blog owner out there is to be on number spot whenever someone queries something related to their topics on Google or any other search engine.

For starters SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, when you hear OPTIMIZATION you should understand that it literally means to get something clean, ready and positioned for attention

“The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource” – Google Result

During the Good old days,  search engine optimization was like a piece of cake,  as far as you have nice content you are good to go,  but these days there are a lot more than just crafting and churning out blog posts,

Sharing your blog posts on most Social Media groups, for example, is one of Simplest ways to drive traffic to your blogs and sites, however, there are certain things you should do to retain a small space in the blogosphere if you need to carve your own niche out there,

Starting the SEO Journey

Simplest SEO Tricks for New bloggers Starting to wring new post
Its Time to do On-page SEO Tricks

Install a better caching system such as W3 Total cache or WordPress Super Cache which you can download from your dashboard, Each time a user visits your website, your caching plugin serves up the lighter HTML page instead of processing the comparatively heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

Recently, Google has released a lot of algorithm modification on how it ranks bog sites and guess what? Your user experience is one of the criteria for a site ranking, things like how long it takes a visitor to open your blog or the time spent  (bounce rate) on your blog is an integral part of the new ranking factor, the caching system will help your web server work less while delivering fast.

Install SSL on your Web site: if your shock to see this as one of the ranking factors Google had introduced, then I guess now you know that Google does not take the security of your website lightly, it’s justifiable, to avoid the spread of worms and malware SSL is that secured padlock you see each time you visit most of the  popular website such as Facebook or even our blog, it starts with https://. You can buy from your domain provider, there is also a free SSL from let’s encrypt which you can install on your blog

Install Content push delivery plugins: One of the secrets used by top bloggers in getting real-time traffic, Platforms like Pushengage and will help you achieve this.

It works great by requesting your visitors to allow notification from your blog post; each time there is a new post on your blog, they will be notified right on their browsers or mobile phone, you know What? It’s a must for you, especially if your writing time sensitive topic (Topics that readily depends on what’s trending such as news and entertainment gist)

Ensure you submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster tools, Bing and Yandex webmaster’s tools! With the help of Rankmath or Yoast SEO plugins, you can get your sitemap URL and submit to these Platforms

Ensure your WordPress permanent links are in friendly format; these days, it’s automatically set, but on a more optimize note, you can tweak it to reflect on your needs; for instance, I love my post links as “”

Check for any broken links: Sometimes we may have to delete some post or pages, yet we are linking to them in old posts it’s a bad SEO practice

Do not Use too many plugins: As nice as plugins are, too much of it will slow down and affect your site performance, it is good you only install few required plugins

Use a Good lightweight Theme: We only have the first and only impression on our visitors, you may not have another time if your theme is cluttered and your colour combination is scaring, a good theme should be bug free, load faster and easily customizable, you can check your site performance by using google site speed test or GTMatrix Site Speed test

Writing Your First Blog Post.

After setting up all and getting your blog site ready its time to write something and here are some SEO tricks you must practice for a good blog ranking from organic traffic

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO practice refers to those tweaks and fixes you could apply in each of your blog post to increase its chances of ranking high, Hey its one of the Simplest SEO tricks you can tweak on your post as you write because am sure you are not planning to buy paid traffic, are you?

Have you heard of keyword research before? It’s no big deal it only takes time for your efforts to pay off, keyword research involves trying to find out what’s trending, what is working great for other blog publishers and present a better-detailed alternative.

We have two types of keywords

Short or head keywords: these are a single term or one-word keywords which definitely will be competitive, imagine topics like “ Make money online, Internet Business, SEO etc.”

The chances of you beat the big guys out there on this are slim because of their age-long domain authority and marketing Skills, however, there is a better way you can cut a chunk of the web traffic and still perform better and that brings us to another type of keyword “ Long-Tail keyword

Long Tail keywords are the low hanging fruit in the Search engine optimization world, all you need to do is to break down a-head keyword to a more narrowed path lets look at this example

Instead of writing about SEO as a topic, you can write on

“ 4 new  SEO Plugins every pro-blogger uses and why you must use it”

Without further ado, this above title has broken down your SEO keywords down to SEO Plugins every ProBlogger uses, thus reducing your competition and helping you to rank well whenever someone searches about WordPress SEO Plugins

While you are  writing your blogs for human readers, do not forget web crawlers

This implies that you should use Alt description in your images, this explains what the image is all about to search engines, also name your images relevant names relating to your post,

Images speak volumes, don’t let your post-run so dry as this from experience will scare your readers, try to introduce infographics, illustrative images, and graphics in each or major section of the post,


Linking to your other blog post or using a related post plugin is one of the simplest SEO tricks any new bloggers can easily practice on the go, If you had made previous posts that relate to the new one, don’t fail to link to it, this is part of ‘On-page SEO’, your readers may have to navigate to those posts especially if they find the current post very impressive. Ensure you also make reference to big blogs that are talking about the same topics, this singular act also increases the confidence your loyal visitors will have on digesting all the information you are dishing out.

But one area where you should not miss out, is on your concept,  this includes your presentations, language styles and in-depth knowledge of the topics you’re writing on, being different and writing in your own way, has its own great benefits, because your audience or blog readers are the people in your social group. This will also make your blog very interactive.

I have seen some skillful writers and bloggers run out of steam because they were trying to mimic most successful bloggers, it’s even a nightmare when your niche is very competitive such as entertainment and news sector

How can you succeed if all you want is to be like Linda Ikeji! Do you know you know that entertainment blogs are saturated? Don’t get me wrong, you can break even on it too if you are determined to be different and have first-hand access to news stories as they break!  Because a lot of people are into it doesn’t mean you should join them, this is one of the pitfalls new bloggers experiences and can shut you down.

Chose Your Niche and Stick to it

Yes, that’s right; Studies have proven that bloggers who concentrate more on narrowed topics have 60% tendencies of attracting loyal site visitors than multi-niche bloggers, This is because when someone is searching for a specific thing online, he or she is more likely to visit blogs that offer a solution to their exact query than a generalized term

If I am coming to Abuja, I will likely visit blogs that have cheap hotel  prices in Abuja or even Narrowed down to Garki, Lugbe, Asokoro, Nyanya, Maitama ETC than a blog that offers Cheap Hotels prices in Nigeria

Having said that, it’s ok if you have plans on diversifying your blog topics in the future, but you should do that only after the site traffic must have grown to a steady level

Having a single niche blog Rocks,

(A niche is a segment or that particular area of life you wish to focus your attention on)

Discover any area in life you feel you have more interest and advantage over others and excellent in it, you will see how easy it will be to write articles than going to other blogs for Copy and paste which will kill your SEO reputation and ranking. Before I forget sometimes we may see a great post that fits into our niche, copying it is not wrong, but copying without modification is a death sentence to your blogging career.


 “First thing I will click on, before reading your blog content is the title”

Immediately you write your title, you have written 70% of your post, Oh yes, it’s as important as that!

What this means is that you should be very crafty and savvy in writing an attention-grabbing post Title,

Before any post will be read, it’s the title that draws the attention, let’s assume I write a nice piece of article on Drinking Water in the morning

A new blogger may  likely use this as a title “Drinking water in the morning makes you healthy”

Well, as a skilful blogger,  I may  change the  title to;

“Exposed!!! 10 Reasons Why you must Drink Water early Morning.

10 Secretes Doctors never told you on Drinking Water Early Morning.”   

As you can see it kinda curious to click on and an average mind is crazy inquisitive to unravel mysteries. I spent a considerable length of time on this Title thing because it can’t be over emphasized, during your content planning and keywords research, ensure that each of your post Title is well optimized,  content, Adding power words , Numbers, Prepositions and brackets in the Title is one of the best ways you can attract your reader’s curiosity

Look at these Titles for Instance

10 Secretes pro Bloggers will never tell you on Adsense

Can’t get visitors to your Blog? {Latest Tricks to Boost Traffic}


See to write a great post, requires a lot of practicing and consistency over time, you can’t just wake up and Bam!  Get it right, even this post gets edited with time, calm down, plan your post by doing a little research on that topic, ensure it’s something you can easily write without feeling dry.

It’s also handy for you to know that patience is a virtue, don’t rush to post, when you are done with your writing, just save the post as a draft, give a break like some few hours then come back read aloud all you have written to see if it makes sense

This gesture will help you understand how your blog readers will understand your post too

Before anyone will spend time, on your blog, they must have judged you faithful, you must have created this feeling of authority in that niche, and how can you do that?   By the use of your words, that was why I told you never to do what everyone else is doing rather write on topics that interest you most! (Provided it’s a trending thing though)

When you know your onion in a particular niche, the words, links, and structure of your post will be different from someone that just did copy and paste

What makes a great post, extraordinarily great?

The information it holds or problem it solves right?

But there are more to just content writing, your schema (data structure) and typographic have a great way of improving your SEO ranking and user confidence on your web page,

Great content, of course, should have great information and solve a lot of problems, but before your readers or visitors will buy into that, you must have pampered them with nice typography…  Presentation I mean

You shouldn’t cluster your contents like someone in a hurry to catch an evening train, Or a landlord trying to build ten flats in a tiny piece of land,

Ensure you use font 13-14 that’s what I use, times new Romans or any other nice font

Break your contents into paragraphs and subheading

Inside auditing and On-page (Inside your post) Search Engine Optimization trick, you should always use headlines 2- 4 to present important Subtopics in your post

Where you wish to catch attention always Bolden it,

A great post should have an introduction– which explains wall the post is about

The main content – Where all your meaty and fleshy ingredients of the post should reside and it’s also ideal if you can make use of bullets or well listed out points whenever you’re having a lengthy post

Your conclusion which will consist of final words and call to action phrase

Finally, always include a call to action phrase to engage your visitors to act, for instance, after your done with your post, try dragging their intellects towards a contrary opinion or idea that you feel that will engage them to respond to your comment box.

I started this post as a little help to a friend on tips to writing a great blog,  funny how it became my blog post, While I admit it’s a long read, but isn’t it one of the simplest SEO Tricks blog posts new bloggers like you would love and recommend to your friends? Share it to lend a helping hand to others

I know you have other questions, trust me there are more, but due to time I just did a little bit more writing,  but many of your questions will excite me to write more

Use the comment box to ask where you need help and I will try to assist in my little way…


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