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For snail lovers & farmers, the need to enrich the soil substrate for your snail to thrive on is something Well as an experimental Agriculturist, I ...


This is a comprehensive guide on how to start a profitable snail farming business in Nigeria, the A-Z with in-depth details from experience, I just made these ...

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In this post, you will get to learn the Top 7 cool Income Sources to Add to POS Business and improve your money-making opportunities, Well, its no longer ...


Is it really possible as an uneploye person to make money in Nigeria with no capital? it sounds like one of those stories which is too only true in theories ...


This post is a detailed Guide on Adsense Address Verification without pin, especially if you are living in rural areas where there is no direct contact ...


Let's take a dive into the Best WordPress Themes for Education Bloggers, to help you pick out the suitable and price-friendly offer. If you are looking a ...


Because of popular demand, here is an NNU Clone Script I built using WordPress, and it has a lot of great features that you will like, I have finally Put ...


Is there a new way to earn passive income from your blog which you are not yet doing yet? Is there a one big earning opportunity that could change your ...


Do you wish to create a website like Jiji Classifieds or you want to set up a classifieds website in Nigeria? Well this is a full guide on how to own your own ...


Here is the comprehensive list of Web hosting companies in Nigeria and the reviews from their users, you can drop your rating too About Web Hosting ...

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Here are the latest MTN Nigeria Data Plans & Activation Codes you can use to instantly get an extra big data bonus. Do you know you can get up to 50Gig ...

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Here is a comprehensive guide on the cost of starting a small scale broiler farm, If you are wondering whether agric farming is lucrative in 2022, I put it to ...

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How to Create a Website like Jiji Classifieds and make money from it in 2020
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  1. right now am not full on it will check it out somewhere

  2. Yes we have it now users can now sell products

  3. i guess we are talking now , more updates to follow through

  4. Well i beleive my coontact is listed on my bio 08165674349

  5. Well they make money via Traffic by showing Google AdSense and other ads, plus sponsored post, promotions etc, also from members registration fees

  6. Contact our export entrepreneur to put you through

  7. of course you can connect to our trainer via his page

  8. chat me up for it, its sold at small price

  9. There are a whole lot of them

  10. You can chat me up using 08165674349

  11. you can chat me up for more details

  12. We spoke on phone I hope it satisfied you

  13. You can write to me with your farm details and images I will visit for inspection then publish it on our site
    Contact me directly

  14. Yes you can have multiple language,
    Yes you can have multiple country
    Yes you can also have different currency even with exchange rate
    If I do any update you will have six month from time of purchase to download it
    There are more than 30 payment gateways it has all these are disabled you can enable the desired choice
    There are more productivity in it but it was disabled you just activate what you need

    More updates to come

  15. on request, we can do that for you however you must have purchased the script and request for additional modification, but come to think of it, this is the cheapest script for something almost 95 percent Jiji clone and less than 100 dollars, hiring a freelancer or from anywhere can cost you more than a thousand dollars to come up

  16. All the script u see there are live and for ur info, I have removed the nairastreet its only right trade that is serving as a demo now

  17. We have a Semi Android app that comes along with it

  18. Files updated, you can now download from your download panel

  19. Of course, I am bringing up a newer update

  20. You are welcome, Glad i helped

  21. I think you are right, maybe I will start offering such services into mini exportation business from next year 2020

  22. alright, chat me up on 08165674349

  23. Let’s see am almost done with all the contacts compilations

  24. Contact the Author, he has all the information and guidance for you in e-book

  25. contact us via whatsapp link for more details

  26. Of course, it has options to add more unique fields for each category or sub categories

  27. what would you love to be done on it

  28. if you want us to publish your products and farm location, chat me up on WhatsApp I will tell you how you can submit your products free

  29. check your spam folder, the email is auto responder

  30. Am almost done with that list soon I will release it on a post

  31. Did you check your Spam box or your Junk Folder? there are possibilities it might arrive there

  32. Well you can get it, Just put your email address to get the download link, my WhatsApp and phone is 08165674349

  33. Your welcome, I will make a comprehensive post on that soon,

  34. Have you been able to fix it now?

  35. you can get in touch using my social media links below each posts

  36. am sure from our chats you know what to do

  37. Thanks and am happy I helped you, that’s my Joy

  38. I will reach out to some verified sellers

  39. Funmi I will look at getting a close frame to Osun so that I can recommend it to you, stay tuned let me do my findings

  40. Chat me up am currently building one already for a client

  41. Where did you make the request through which channel? I have already made provisions for you to download it by entering your email in that box to receive the link

  42. its simple thing on its own I will make another post on this

  43. you have contacted me before right? I thought I provided an answer to that

  44. I believe by now you have gotten it right?

  45. did you not get the theme? chat me up then let me guide u

  46. Ok I am sending this personally to your email right now, hope it helps

  47. your welcome it’s my greatest joy to see that you guys are happy, that’s my fulfilment

  48. Well my contact details are spelt out in the about me snippet in each of the posts, but my direct mobile is 08165674349

  49. did you put your email to get the THEME I sent to you?

  50. Well on TruexGOLD, you can fund your account with as low as 12k, you are asking on sites where to earn bitcoins, there other affiliate bitcoins websites where you will do task to earn bitcoins but the majority of guys earns their crypto on trading sites, I will make a post on that soon

  51. Adeshina, I have a good farm that is close to Lagos, which can even deliver to your location provided you are buying in bulk, from Ogun state to Lagos is like 1 1000 Naira fair except now there is lockdown but believe me that is where you can get eggs very cheap and can sell in Lagos, if you are interested I will give you a contact

  52. Of course, i Believe You should have seen the email with download link by now

  53. am sending to you personally

  54. did you get it in your email? if you had used your email to signup there I believe you should get the download link

  55. Of course, I think I have a cool idea for you

  56. Thanks, Just like I replied Chuckwudi I will send some to you

  57. Alright, I guess I have to have a bundle offer a download pack for anyone, in less than 24 hrs I will try to see what I can send to you since many people are asking for it, I will zip all of it and send in one file

  58. Alright, I can send it to you just let me have your email will send you some WordPress Themes customized for such, I might also send you some Plugins, Good luck

  59. alright, you can shed more light in it, let’s see how to help you

  60. it would be nice to have a good explanation if what you need

  61. Well, I will get back to you on that, right now we are not giving out any soft loan, But will definitely direct you on where to get loans

  62. Its my joy to help my fellow startups build a great and successful venture, and am very sure your really getting your skills set right in that project your working on, we await to hear your success story

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