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7 Health Benefits of papaya leaves & How to prepare it!

It is obvious that a lot of you do not know the  medicinal health benefits of papaya leaves ( Pawpaw Leaves)

Pawpaw Leaf also know as a papaya leaf is a green leave from obtained from a small fruit tree known in Scientifically as  Carica papaya

The Fruits from pawpaw three are rich in vitamins and essential minerals however this post is focusing on the latest known health benefits of using papaya leaf ( Also known as Pawpaw leaf)

Pawpaw Leaves and Why People are now going back to nature

You and I know that there is a lot of drug and substance abuses these days and most of the drugs we take will have bad adverse effects on us as time progresses, in the olden days our ancestors and early man used fruits, roots, and herbs for treatment and cure for diseases.

With the efficacy of natural medicines being the best for our lives a lot of people are opting in on an alternative cure for other ailments which our modern world have to predispose us into.

Here are 7 Health Benefits papaya leaves ( papaw Leaves)Drink Papaya Juice

1. Papaya Leaves ( Juice Extract) Can be used to Control or Prevent Cancer

By and large, Cancer is one deadly terminal Disease which has plagued humanity and the chances of survival are low, A lot of work and funds had gone into the research in order to develop proper drugs to combat these menace,  in recent population research, it was observed that eating papaya prevent gallbladder and colorectal cancers in some people.

The discovery by a Cancer research Doctor ( Dr.Nam Dang) at the University of Florida revealed that an extract made from dried papaya leaves destroyed cancer cells instantly and slowed the growth of tumor cells in cultures.

The papaya leaf extract was effective against all ten different types of cancer cells tested, including liver, lung, cervix, pancreas, and breast cancer cells. The anti-cancer effects were also measured to be stronger at higher doses

The researchers said that the results of their preliminary study indicate the immune-modulating properties of papaya leaf tea may prove effective in the treatment and control of cancer cells and inhibition of other inflammatory diseases or allergies.

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2. Papaya leaves can be used in controlling type 2     Diabetes

Another Research revealed how pawpaw leave extract can be used in combating type 2 diabetes, it went further to state that consuming fermented raw pawpaw leaf 

3. Pawpaw Leaves are used to Treat Gastric Ulcers

Another Research published on “West Indian Medical Journal” revealed that papaya leaf extract had shown a significant reduction on the severity of ulcers, its also on records that papaya or pawpaw leaves have strong oxidation effects which help in cleaning the gastrointestinal tracts for smooth digestion of food

4. Drink Papaya Leaves extract to aid in Digestion of food

because of its high content of digestive enzymes such as Papain and chymopapain, these natural chemicals helps in proper digestion and breakdown of food particles, the chemicals  

5. Papaya leaves extract is effective in the treatment of Malaria

Yes it works like magic, because of the chemical compound called acetogenin, Payapa can be used effectively in the treatment of malaria Parasite

6. It is used in Treatment of Skin Diseases 

The presence of karpain compounds checks the growth of excess micro-organisms, it cleanses the skin tissues and eliminates the presence of free radicals in the skin cells, helping in controlling, acne, and pimples in the body

7. Papaya leaves are used for Dengue fever Treatment and Control

There is no known specific cure for this deadly virus which has claimed a lot of lives.  The symptoms such as high fever, headache, and fatigue, skin rashes  are some of its symptoms 

A clinical review published on BMJ research reveals that papaya extract has many beneficial effects, including a reduction in the duration of fever, duration of illness, hospital stay, most importantly fluid leak and the conversion of Dengue fever to Dengue hemorrhagic fever, rapid elevation of white blood cells and platelet counts. 

How to treat Dengue Fever using Papaya Leaves extract Papaya Leaves Extraction Process

Get fresh healthy mature papaya leaves from a fruit-bearing tree
Wash the leaves thoroughly with running tap water and chop the leaves into small pieces excluding the main stem (not necessary to remove the small stems in the leaves)

Weigh out 50g of papaya leaves and put it into a mortar and pestle.
Add 50ml of boiled cool water and 25g of sugar.
Pound the above mixture well for 15 minutes till a uniform pulp is made.

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Mix this pulp well and keep for about 30 minutes.
Squeeze this pulp by hand and get the papaya leaf extract (do not use a cotton sieve to extract the juice).

You can store this preparation for 24 hours in the lower compartment of the refrigerator (+4 Degrees )
Shake the bottle well before the preparation is given.


Papaya leaf extracts could be taken as syrup; 30ml three times a day before meals for an adult and 5-10ml three times a day for a child until you have fully recovered from the illness.
It is advised not to stop the treatment halfway.

A few sips of cold water could be taken immediately after the Papaya leaf extract, to overcome the bitter  Source     

You can get Full Dengue Fever Treatment Details  here

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