Top 8 Part-Time Businesses to Start While In School

Do you need extra bucks to add up, maybe pay up some bills, buy textbooks? I will show you 8 Part-time businesses to start while in school and maybe if you are resilient it could turn out to be a full-blown firm after graduation

As a student, which I once was, I know how fast our monthly allowances run out due to one fee or the other, which might lead you do becoming a debtor, hahaha oh yes but if you are a smart student, you will surely find out some stuff you can do to at least help you pay off your debts, this is why am making a list of side hustle business ideas you can start while in school

A side hustle business is any business that will not take all your time or a part-time business you engaged in to support your main job but in this context am beaming my searchlight into Schools

One great thing about a side hustle is the fact, it can grow to become a main source of the job for you in the future thereby making you self employed

If you don’t know, “Self-employed” in brief summary is, having a job which allows you to use your skills, pursue your passions, and make money on your own terms. I.e. You are your own boss! That’s right!

Top 8 Part-Time Businesses to Start While In School

Private Tutoring

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These days everyone wants to be educated by all means, so some times fairly slow learners will need additional assistance from the high IQ students in order to understand their study materials, if you are a bright student, this is your moment to start part-time classes or one on one tutorial with other students at a fee especially in courses you have a great advantage on

This might not seem like your regular business however it can help take care of some bills while you are still in school plus create a big social recognition for you among your peers

Web Design

Web Coding Guy

Everybody wants to start a website of some type, but most people lack the idea and skills to make it happen. If you know how to build even simple websites, you can turn that into a full-fledged side hustle business. If nothing else, you can prepare simple websites for Startup businesses that have limited budgets.

But as your business grows, your skill level and your client base increases, you can begin doing more complicated websites for higher fees. One good thing about this side hustle business is that you do not need an office to operate. 

And there are many platforms online such as,,, odesk,com etc where people hire talented professionals like yourself for their creative needs.

So as a Student, Web designing Skills can help you start your own part time business even while you are in school

Interior Decorating

If you have an eye for design and the drive to turn it into a business, interior decorating can be a lucrative (and fun) career.

Lots of people know what style they want for their home but may not have the vision or skill to bring it all together.

And if you live in a large urban area, you could use your decorating skills as a home stage for real estate agencies, removing clutter, rearranging furniture, and even adding helpful touches here and there.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, it could involve putting a tasteful amount of furniture and decorations in an unoccupied home.

Interior decorating profession could market your business with an online showing off your work and by encouraging clients to leave rate for you on freelance sites

Social Media Service

We youth of today spend most our time on the social media platform, you probably have a built-in advantage for a business like this.

If you spend a lot of time on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, Instagram, or other social outlets – you may be able to find some clients who are in need of a social media consultant. If you know how to promote events, products, and even concepts, using social media, then this can be the perfect business for you. What started out as a social game just a few years ago, is rapidly becoming important in the business community.

Social media is an important way for businesses to connect with ordinary people, without having to go through all channels. It’s also a way to market business

Academic Tutor

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This can be a natural business for you if you are at least above average in one or more academic subjects.

English, science, and mathematics are prime subjects for tutors. Since they are required course curriculum in virtually every school, and many students struggle with them, you can create a business out of helping kids improve in these subjects.

You can market your tutoring business just by creating a professional-looking flyer, and distributing it to the local schools.

Music Coach

Academic courses aren’t the only subjects were tutors are in demand. If you can play an instrument and are reasonably good at it, you can create a business teaching kids – or even adults – how to play.

A lot of people just learn better in a one-on-one environment, rather than in a classroom.

You don’t have to be an accomplished musician either. If you know the basics, and you have the patience to teach them to students, this can work very well for you.

While the second option will obviously allow you to scale up your business, it is a highly regulated business, likely to require a state licensing.

You can also opt to do it as a full-time program, an after-school only program or even seasonally to cover summer vacations and the various school vacations during the school year


Photography is truly a priceless art. And with the invention of Instagram, it has allowed many freelance photographers to grow their business much easier than in the past.

This hobby is definitely an acquired skill, so we suggest starting off shooting on the side. Once you have enough practice to start charging for your services and have grown your clientele, you are ready to take the leap and become a full-time

They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, so why not be the one to create those memories for others?

Graphic Designer

Part Time Businesses to Start while in school to make money as a student

As the internet continues to advance, so does the need for graphic design. Companies want their website to look as updated and trendy as possible, which is where a freelance graphic designer comes in. Whether it be to designing the home page or adding in some graphics to make their website pop, you’ll get to turn on those creative juices and get to work.

It definitely helps if you have a formal background in the subject, but it’s also definitely possible to teach yourself the basics of graphic design on your own. Teaching yourself how to use Adobe Illustrator, Stencil, and Visme are all helpful when getting into this field.

You don’t have to limit yourself solely to working for companies – you can also sell your digital designs and templates on Etsy! If your work is good, you can easily earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for a full website design. To learn graphic Designing skills you can sign up with Udemy

Catering Services

Start Food selling in school, its a great way to make money

Ah, food. What a wonderful (and necessary) thing. Who doesn’t love food?!

If you love to bake and/or cook, why not start your own catering business? With our busy lives nowadays, no one has time to cook, which is where catering comes in. You can either choose to cater certain events, or even provide a meal prepping service. People would much rather pay to have healthy, fresh meals delivered than have to eat out for every meal (especially if they’re not skilled in the kitchen).


Your goal is to graduate with great results right? but you can’t be wrong to also acquire some sellable skills which can see you through especially during the job hunting periods, these Part-Time businesses can even turn out to become a venture whereby you could end up employing others

During my school days, I also do assignments, Term paper, and projects for my courses mate, I got a printer for photocopying, it really saved me from being broke, so what other part-time businesses did you engage in while still in school?

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