How to secure your new WordPress Blog from Hackers in 2020

You just got a new blog, or set up one because you heard you could make money from it! wow, so easy right? how about I tell you something more, you must learn how to secure your new WordPress Blog, if not, your dreams of having a successful blog will not be attainable!

Security is everyone’s business, from the physical realm of Governments fighting against insurgencies, terrorist to the online cyberwar against web hackers, account hijackers, and spammers

I am not trying to frighten you, far from it this post is, however, going to save you the big challenge of losing your precious account, you will learn how to secure your new WordPress blog from all kinds of hacking attempts

Because I am writing this post for beginners, I will try to use the most simple and basic explanations plus some screenshots on how to harden your WordPress blog and keep it secure all the time

Because WordPress is a widely used CMS powering about 33 percent of all the websites in the world, with everyone having access to its source code, it’s much easier to get hacked

By Default Installation WordPress is very secure and safe however you and I know we can not make use of the default themes or blog without installing some plugins, this is where the attack comes from, According to web security firm Sucuri 2018 hack trend report, it was observed that 90 percent of sites hacked on the web are WordPress websites and the flows come from the Themes or plugins

data Showing the staticstis for Web CMS Hacked in 2018 by Sucuri
data Statistics showing the attack distribution based on CMS

WordPress community is doing a pretty job in releasing security patches, updates, hotfixes and guidelines on how to prevent your WordPress blog from being hacked

However, that’s all you will get by default WordPress installation, and I bet you won’t leave your future on that!

Blogging on its own is very challenging, consider this

After putting so much effort on your blog to craft great amazing contents, good infographics and SEO optimized

Maybe you monetized it too, your blog has been online for a year it two then boom! One day it’s hacked, contents corrupted and all your years of hard work destroyed

I wouldn’t wish this even my enemies, it’s a frustrating encounter but that won’t be your portion! Amen, Amin , Lol

This is why I am taking my time to layout the best tips and methods you should use to protect your WordPress blog from getting hacked

This post covers from basic blog security audit to advance checks on your server how to clean your database, you will also learn how to boost your blog performance by cleaning all the junk, revisions and spammy comments in your blog

Also this tutorial is not for only how to secure your new WordPress blog from security breaches, old blogs can apply the same security measures

Simple ways to secure your new WordPress Blog from hackers

Like I said before i am not dwealling on the theory basis, i am seeing this fom your own perspective so we are gonna work togther to secure your website, now please follow every step i listed here as exactly as i said because thats what i did to my blog too! and it works

Simple ways to protect your wordpress website from hackers

Use a secure and hard to guess password:

I find it very amusing here, most bloggers take levities or are so lazy to use a stronger password, I have seen passwords like 123456, good123, password, etc well sorry to break it to you

The guys out there trying to break into your blog are more knowledgeable than you some of them are programmers, web coders, and system analyst you are just a blogger trying to earn a living, to find your username us pretty easy, the hard part is your password but with a brute force attack software they can decrypt your password if it’s easy

Brute force attack is a system of guessing random password until the right one is figured out. these guys uses sophisticated tools that can crawl your pages in speed of light, if you are using a weak password please its time to change it to something very hard here is an example

Complex Password: XCNo-!28Com# Something like this is cool, See you can’t afford to let the intruder gain access to your blog admin dashboard, even if you think you might forget your password try to install Dashlane password manager

Use bug free theme and plugins

90 percent attacks on WordPress blogs originate from the plugins and themes you use,

Because you want to extend your blog functionalities most times we end up using theme and plugins which contain bugs or poorly coded

Our hackers will scan your blog for any vulnerability loophole then exploit it, to avoid getting caught in this web avoid using cracked, nulled themes and plugins

Most times this nulled plugins seemed like our only option because you got it free but sorry to break it to you, honey, there is no free launch anywhere

Some of the nulled themes are wired to have backdoors, malware, adware which the cracker can use to hijack your blog in future especially when your blog begins to rank on SEO

They can gain access to your server using embedded scripts to run phishing and bulk mailing scams leading to your site IP ban and poor ranking

Always ensure you get your downloads from official WordPress repository site or directly from the developer’s page

If you want to really build a house would you go for substandard and adulterated building materials? You know it could collapse in the future right?

The same thing is applicable to your blog whether your blogging for fun or for making money online you can’t afford to fall for this, using cracked and nulled plugins isn’t helping, you are also morally bankrupting the developer, why not support them so others will support you when you release your own product too

Don’t install plugins without active development

Wordpress Themes and Plugins without Active development can contain bugs
WordPress Themes and Plugins without Active development can contain bugs or vulnerability holes which attckers can exploit

Whenever you are about to install a plugin from your WordPress admin back end, check for your version compatibility, the last time the plugin was updated,

There Is a big chance of getting your WordPress hacked from installing an old or unsupported plugins and themes

If the developer has discontinued the development of such a plugin or theme, please avoid installing it except you are well capable of fixing any bug in it.

Install Wordfence WordPress Firewall Plugin

simplify How to secure your new WordPress Blog from Hackers in 2020

The next phase is to install some security protection plugins such as Jetpack, scurri and word fence

Their free version affords you the basic functions which are 80 percent capable of protecting your WordPress blog from hacking, I currently use Jetpack because it Also shows me my site static and other security attempts on my blog

Wordfence is my recommended plugin, it gives you advance security detection and blocking framework you can tweak every aspect of it including protection from brute force, SQL injection, throttling bots, and rate-limiting for suspected users

It has antivirus scanning mechanism that ensures your files integrity remains the same, I use it in my serious blogs or WordPress eCommerce websites

Use Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN against Attacks

Even as an experienced blogger I make use of Cloudflare free content delivery network, outside boosting your blog speed it adds extra layers of security to your WordPress blog preventing it from being hacked or exploited

From inside cloud flare go to the firewall and set up your site protection, by default cloud flare stand between you and your blog users sieving out bad bots, reported IPS.

You can even ban certain countries from visiting your blog if you suspect there is a hacking attempt from that location

Your blog Web host is your lifeline

Even before implementing any of the methods, I outlined above if your blog is hosted with a busy or nonchalant web hosting company there is a possibility you won’t stand a chance against securing your WordPress blog from hacker’s reasons are not far fetched

In every attempt on your blog, the intention of the hacker includes, hijacking your blog traffic by redirecting your URL to theirs, injecting gibberish codes into your web pages and importantly gaining access to the webserver

The hacker aim is to use your server resources for their motives, sending spammy emails in thousands, identity harvesting and frauds, running of high-end IRC games and use your web server as a download repository

A good and secure web hosting firm will fish this out within hours , either temporarily suspended your account, place a limit on it and contact you to ensure your not breaking their site terms

A bad host won’t lift a finger; in worst case scenario your account will be terminated without even con at acting you to find it if you were actually the one running these resource-intensive programs in the background

At the end what hackers did not achieve in shutting down your blog completely a bad hosting company will!


There are other approaches you can take in protecting your WordPress website from attackers but as a beginner, this is the basic and easiest step to secure your website, other options such as changing your WordPress login URL and stop using ” Admin as your username,

I am also available to Audit and review your website from a visitors perspective , if you think you need help ask using the comment box I will suggest solutions

You can also hire me at a small fee to fix any issue relateing to securing your website, I hope this help you,

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