8 Unbelievable Online Business You Can Start with ZERO CAPITAL in 2020!

Wait a moment, can you believe this? there is a lucrative business you can start with ZERO CAPITAL, That’s without spending a Kobo, the sweetest part, its also lucrative, I mean you can earn massively from it, Alright read on to discover all these facts

It’s true that Money answereth all things, but what if I tell you in this twenty-first century that ideas Rule the world! Because having money most times is not a guarantee your business will be successful

Most of these businesses you can start with Zero Capital requires you to acquire a small skill which even if you do not have, at the end of this post subscribe to my training newsletter I will update you when I run free training on our WhatsApp platforms

At the end of this post, you will develop a deep knowledge of so much about the best skill set you need right now to spur you through including digital marketing and you will also earn a sound Financial status, which will add great value to the world.
Let us take this step towards forward together If you believe that you are worth your own time and efforts, then give this opportunity a chance

EIGHT online business you can start with ZERO CAPITAL

So please let’s pick up a skill and monetize it, These business ideas should be considered as skills because you do not need to start buying any goods or getting any setting up any Office rather what is required is your Mobile phone, internet access, laptop, and your experience, this is why I see your skill as an investment.

Delivery/Logistics Service

As e-commerces business keeps on emerging every day, there is a great need for products and services delivery.

Its a known fact, for any online business to thrive, there must be a good and reliable delivery service on the ground and this is where you come in

A Lady in one of the groups I belong to started this business some months back and she is making cool Cash. Sometimes, she picks my goods for me and delivers it to me or my customers and she is paid in return for her service.

How did she start?

She discovered that a lot of people buy goods in the group but finds it difficult to get their goods delivered to them, she volunteered to do deliveries for them for a little token.

And that was how she started her delivery company.

How can you start delivery/logistics service ?

  • Join various business groups on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram
  • Introduce yourself as a logistics person
  • Give them a fair price to attract them.

That’s all.

If you can’t do the deliveries by yourself, collaborate with a known logistics company, and negotiate commission on every customer you to give them. You can now save to get a dispatch and a bike of yours

Then you stand on your own I have 3 people I know who started their logistics business like this and in 6 months they had gotten over 4 bikes for dispatch Logistics is a very big challenge for online eCommerce websites. This is a very good angle you can explore to be a link between the sellers and the buyers


Someone said and I quote:

I am happy.

She said in her words;

“Business is sweet oooh

Am so glad am doing this, am really deriving fulfillment from this and also meeting my own needs”

I asked her,

Have you started importing

She said no, that she sells other people’s products. This is dropshipping. Dropshipping is the easiest business one can do in this era.

I call it a “lazy way of making money” You don’t need a KOBO to start, you don’t need a STORE/SHOP You don’t need to bother yourself about how to DELIVER the product to the customer.

All you need to do is to look for a seller, market his product, get a buyer, and refer buyers to the sellers. The seller takes it up from there. All the packaging and delivery is done by the seller.

Just cross your legs and let the seller do the “wahala” while you wait for your commission to be sent to you by the seller. You can do this with more than one seller.

But you must be careful in choosing a seller to work with. Some sellers are not trustworthy. They have low integrity.

If you are interested in this type of business Pls let me know

Website/Graphic design

The majority have the belief that web and graphic design can only be done by computer gurus. It’s not true, I designed my website by myself, for instance, I developed this web site www.nairastreet.com without hiring any programmer, this is not a blog site

Small business owners, want to have websites for their businesses for visibility purposes and this is where the business aspect comes in.

Position yourself as an expert and start making money by designing websites.

You also need a website for your business, you may think you don’t need a website now, but later in the future, you will realize that you need it.

All other social platforms are not yours, building all your businesses on these platforms without a website is risky.

If Mark Zuckerberg decides to shut down Facebook and Instagram today what happens to your business?

Your website is your landed property nothing can happen to it. A website gives your business a more professional look. Some people have lost a business contract because they don’t have a website.

Your business needs a website, so as every other business. A lot of entrepreneurs also want to design beautiful and attractive content, graphics for their products. You can make a lot of money by making beautiful designs for them.

To design a flyer alone without printing is N5000. Even if you charge N2000 for every design you make it is something. For web design, the least amount people charge is 20-30k, some people charge as high as 100-150k (depending on the market)

If you have 4 websites to design in a month, that’s an average of 80-100k in one month. And you can do all these with your phone or laptop without stepping out of your house. If you want to learn how to design a website or graphics

There is an app called CANVA that you can use to create beautiful designs. Use your hand and play around the app, you will be surprised at what you can do. Don’t limit yourself This is one of the business you can start with little or no capital. Your skills is What is required

Would you like to learn how to develop Websites using WordPress, how to create complex e-commerce websites or any kind of website Then Join our Facebook group where you will meet other members plus partake in our free WhatsApp tutorials

Social Media management

It’s a known fact that some small business owners today are so overwhelmed with a lot of things that they don’t have much time to dedicate to their business online. If such people have someone to manage this for them, they will be so glad.

A lot of employees have an online business that is struggling to survive because they don’t have the time to manage it. You can earn so much by managing other people’s social media.

All you need to do is to look for those that need this service. Negotiate your charges with them, Get the knowledge required, and start a business.

You must know how to do the following

  • How to develop good content
  • How to run Facebook and Instagram advert
  • How to relate with clients

You can do this with your phone from the comfort of your home and you can manage for more than one person

Luckily I am working on an e-book that will guide you steps by steps everything you need to know about how to run a successful Facebook ad, Hoe to develop Attention-grabbing contents and the best ways to relate with your clients if you need this book to indicate in the comment section

Become a Distributor by using OPM (other people’s money).

A lot of people still believe that mini importation is all about buying and selling. Yes, it is, but you can do more with the knowledge of mini Importation. You can become a distributor or supplier of unique products.

You don’t need a huge capital to start. You can even start with zero capital

How is this possible?

Visit supermarkets or stores, churches, hotels near you. Show them a sample of the product you want to supply and tell them you can supply to them at a very cheaper price…

Or look for a product in their store, do your market research and tell them that you can supply them at a better price. Before going, make sure you do your homework very well…

Don’t appear cheap, let them see that you have come to offer value. If they accept your deal, ask them to pay half of the money as deposits. Use the deposits to buy the products from China, when the goods arrive, deliver, and collect your balance. You have succeeded in using other people’s money(OPM) to start your business

So please let’s wakeup and redirect the energy we use to criticize politicians on FB to make out own money.

Those people don’t care about anybody but we can use our time, data, and phone wisely.

Enough of giving excuses of ” I need capital to start a business “

Quite a number of us know and have information that can help people but keep it to ourselves. That’s business

Selling Your Knowledge

Another business people seem to neglect is selling your knowledge. Till date I have, more than 23 business training I have gone for, some for knowledge, some for execution and some for fun

By the time I monetize all this, package it well and tag a fee and I roll out weekly or bi-weekly training routine. What are you talking about? Cool money right?

I was invited to train some people on mini importation alone for 2 days and I was paid 130k including my hotel bills and feeding throughout my stay, they said extra thank you with 20k for fuel coz I went with my car for them to know I have achieved a lot through importation

So I am not just compiling notes for you. This is what I see happen every day. Learn something new and teach for a token. People are out there to learn and do business

So please pay for some training to know about what to sell to others. Simple trick

Video Animation

This is a hot trending business you can start with zero capital the only required tools is your mobile phone or your laptop, there is much free software you could use to achieve amazing business marketing adverts

Some of the cetegories of videos you can do to earn big cash with your skills alone is

  • 3D Video Animation
  • Explainer videos
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Video Adverts

Intro videos are all simple ways to make money daily. It is very amazing to know how less stressful it is to make a works class and topnotch video advert just with your phone only

I saw a Konga advert yesterday and it was wack they might have paid heavily for that animator but common if you stay with an android app for just 45minutes, you will do way better than that Konga animator

So please let’s pick up a skill and monetize it. It’s a very simple niche. And it brings huge amounts of money in a less stressful

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development (android) use to be for the geek but now, we have an easy-to-use click-drag application you can play with and in a few minutes’ u have made and developed a solutions-providing mobile app

All you need is just your android phone or computer system APK. The mobile application era is here! Every business wants to promote its product and service and to provide information to the users at their fingertips.

Apart from the retail apps, there are many categories there are several apps for entertainment, utility, productivity, gaming, news, and lifestyle to inform and entertain its users.

There is an app for everything right from tracking your heartbeat, analyzing your mobile storage, and teaching you how to start your easy mobile app journey. So mobile app development has been made so easy that, by the time you spend 2 hrs conjuring some nice ideas and concepts, your client will pay enthusiastically

BTW: One of the services I offer to my fellow bloggers is converting their blogs to the android app plus submission of their blog to Google play store, you can contact me to if you need such services

In conclusion

Most young graduates or unemployed are complaining of No job, there is no money to start up a business, Things are not working in this country, but when you access this complainant you will discover there are a lot of things he or she could have done to emancipate themselves from it

However everyone is waiting on the Government to provide jobs, electricity, social amenities, and free grants, loans, you and I know it’s not possible,

While other are waiting for the government to give them free palliative or jobs, why can’t you leverage this opportunity, learn some good skills, if you are confused about what to learn to contact me I will advise you,

With some of these skills, I listed above you can start a business with little or no money then rep from it even if you have a salary Job you can also diversify start a side hustle, create extra streams of income

I made a list of top 15 Businesees you can start in Nigeria With less than 20k Check it out

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Awesome blog, with great information thanks for the online business ideas

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* Animation

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i would like to know how to develop website and coding very well

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