How about if I tell you, you can make as much as a million dollars for sharing funny, comedy, tutorials, or inspirational videos on YouTube? Especially now Our country is in recession earning in dollar worth every effort, why not learn how to Make Money on YouTube in Nigeria

If you are very serious about learning how to create an amazing YouTube channel, grow your subscribers, and monetize your videos on YouTube, I will show you step by step guide even if you are new to it,  in this Post  how you can Setup a YouTube Channel & Make Money from it in Nigeria

These days because of better internet connectivity and 4G network watching videos and downloading them is now a piece of cake,

Before I procced with this in-depth guide let me ask you this question

How much do you think you can make on YouTube?

YouTube was created by three former PayPal employee Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, and Jawed Karim in 2005 Google bought their company in November 2006 for $1.65 Billion

The answer to that question lies below, let’s take a look at top YouTube earners and how much they are earning right as of 2019

According to forbs annual review of highest YouTube earners Ryan Kaji an 8-year-old kid from an Asian country is the highest earn going home with more than $26 million yearly.

Wait did you read $26m?  that’s a lot of money! let’s convert that to Naira its about N9,880,000,000 (9.8 Billion Naira) even a senior civil servant in the highest rank such as directors, head of services cannot earn that much within a year, even if your working with Central bank of Nigeria, except your embezzling it

List of current Top 10 YouTube earners

  1. Ryan Kaji – $26 million
  2. Dude Perfect – $20 million
  3. Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18 million
  4. Rhett and Link – $17.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star – $17 million
  6. Preston Arsement – $14 million
  7. PewDiePie – $13 million
  8. Markiplier – $13 million
  9. DanTDM – $12 million
  10. Vanoss Gaming – $11.5 million

That’s enormous cash up there you know? I know what you are thinking about, if all these people can do it, Yeah, I can! Honestly, it’s not as easy as you think, with a lot of people uploading different contents how do you carve out your own Video space? Keep reading

This guide is not just about how to set up your YouTube channel, you will also learn how to create viral ideas and videos that can attract views depending on the area you’re interested in,

How to Create your YouTube Video Channel

Since Google acquired Youtube in 2006, in order to create a YouTube channel for your videos and tutorials, you must have a google account, so if you have a Gmail address, your just a few steps away from creating your YouTube channel

Having gotten a mail account to proceed to on your address bar if you are not already logged in, sign in click on your account or name icon as shown in this image

Make Money on YouTube in Nigeria by creating your youtube channel

Step 1: Create Your Youtube Chanel

From the drop-down menu please click on “Create Youtube Channel”, it’s as easy as that. From there you will be redirected to a new section, Google will ask you if you would like to use your name or custom Brand name as your Channel, for me, I prefer to use Startup Nigeria as my Channel name, you can use your name or brand as you wish

Set a Youtube Brand Name

Step 2: Setup your Social media handles and website

Google is extra gracious to provide you the opportunity to promote your Facebook pages, your Instagram links, and web site. This is very important especially when you grow viral with a lot of comments pouring in, potential advertiser or brands may have to connect through your if you would love to create your own blog, we can set up an SEO optimized blog for you or your business


Congratulations now you can go ahead to customize your channel, it’s as easy as eating Shawarma, just. Just click on customize and see all the details you need to change, you should change your header image, with your brand or personal image, it’s like your Welcome address

set a picture The Lazy Man's Guide To MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE IN NIGERIA

Step 3: Upload your Videos

Click on Upload videos, it will redirect you to the YouTube video studio, a dialogue box will pop out if you are using a laptop Click on “Browse” to open your device, locate the video then upload.

Publisg your video

Before your video will be ready for the public, remember your target is to gain more attention and subscribers, so take your time to give it a great and catchy name, write the video description ensure you capture your keywords here,  you will be given an option to select a displayed thumbnail, pick the best

If you are running a show or tutorial that comes in batches like episode one, two, etc., it will advise you to create a playlist, in order to group rightlyThe Lazy Man's Guide To MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE IN NIGERIA

You should also indicate if your videos are for Kids or Adults to help reduce the bad influences of kids viewing adult contents, there other options such as indicating if your video is promotional content, tags to associate your video with, Video language, and video location including the date.  After that then pre

Step 4 Publish your Video!

public your video The Lazy Man's Guide To MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE IN NIGERIA

This is the final check to ensure everything is up and running, in this final step you can decide how you want your video to appear, Private – for you and selected people, public, everyone can see it, unlisted, means anyone with the link can view the video, it’s up to you now, however, because we need attention it should be set as public

Hurray this is your first video, right? Well, I am not expecting a professional video right now because we are just getting started.  Remember our aim is to make money from it, and it’s no brainer that for such to happen, We must have quality videos, with at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours. In the next chapter, I will show you how to make money from your YouTube channel in Nigeria

How to Make Money from YouTube in Nigeria

monetization The Lazy Man's Guide To MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE IN NIGERIA

This tutorial isn’t just for Nigerians only, it’s a universal law that applies to anyone who applied its principles, so if you are not from Nigeria it also works even better

So, what are we waiting for? If 8-year-olds are out their unboxing toys for millions, maybe we all should just dash right in, create youtube channels, upload random videos, then smile to the bank, right?

LOL, as simple as it sounds there are than meets the eye,

No doubt, the emergence of YouTube has presented  a lot of opportunities for  people to build their online empire through uploaded media contents, but this does not mean it’s a piece of cake for an everyone, you are looking out becoming a millionaire here

It requires a lot of patients, doing the right thing by uploading high-quality videos, informative and storytelling videos, persistency and understanding the trends, it may not seem like it but hey that’s what it takes to be a millionaire on YouTube

check your online traffic The Lazy Man's Guide To MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE IN NIGERIA

Once your YouTube Channel Reaches 4000 video hours and 1000 subscribers, you can click on the monetization link inside your YouTube Video Studio to apply for AdSense program  just like bloggers this is a program designed to help you make money from your videos as your viewers are shown Ads on intermittently in each video

When you apply, it will be reviewed and a decision will be emailed to your inbox within a week

Once your view reaches this threshold its reviews automatically by YouTube to ensure your videos meets of with YouTube partner program terms and condition and their community guidelines

Things that can make you build YouTube subscribers list faster

  • In your videos ensure that it meets the following criteria
  • It is very clear and the audio quality is good
  • It has a story behind it or a segment of people the video is targeting
  • In each video ensure the title and keywords are compelling enough to derive clickthrough
  • Always respond to your comments and feedback from your viewer
  • Ensure you are consistent in uploading videos at least once weekly or twice a month in order to hold a sizable audience
  • Finally, always share your video links on your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram statuses and handles

YOUTUBE Video Ideas to make money in Nigeria

Creating your account or uploading videos can be done by anyone, the daunting task is on getting effective and engaging videos which will get hooked to your viewers demanding for more, this is the most challenging phase in every YouTubers, I have watched a lot of guys beg for on social media for a channel subscription, the truth is, if you churn out amazing videos, your views will be left with only one option, to Subscribe

Ideas that can get your viewers spell bound and keep on checking for more videos

Product review and Unboxing Video Idea

if you are an active user of naira land you will see guys that give expert reviews on the latest gadget, electronics, and mobile phones,  you know before I buy any stuff online I always check for its reviews, what other people are saying about such product whether it worth the hype, so you can start making videos on this niche if you love buying gadgets or mobile phones

Comedy Sketch Video Ideas:

 this is one of the most popular YouTube video ideas, people love to laugh and a funny video on a weekend is a sure thing to lively up our mood, are you funny, crafty or crazy? Oh yeah this is for you

Pranks Video ideas:

 I remember those time sour friends can up prank and everyone will be wondering how it’s done, you can do that with a little knowledge of some after effect applications readily available on online you can turn out to become a magician of your world, prank YouTube video ideas can go viral if you target your audience 

In targeting your audience, you can do a prank video of politicians, musicians or general magicians, making things to disappear and appear

Tutorials Video Idea:

while other YouTube video ideas will require a bit of creativity and software skills to achieve your results, tutorial requires you to know the actual stuff you are teaching, we all know one thing others don’t know, this is your leverage point, are you good in making beds, cooking special cuisine  foods or a techy, you can tutor online

For more detailed example you can start teaching on YouTube how to tie Gele, how to apply makeup, knot a tie lol ( it took me ages to learn that one )

With any screen recording app, you can make nice videos and publish on YouTube, for instance, I love making WordPress videos, how to make money and other related videos  

Rant Video ideas:

Are you a chatterbox like  you can talk rubbish talk faster, conjure words, say things that affect you in a funny way, stylishly criticize celebrities and give some humorous effect in them, people love rants and gossip, that’s why it’s one of the buzzing youtube video ideas  in Nigeria

Story Telling & Cartoon Animation Video Idea: 

This area is yet to be tapped and I and my team are more interested in this area because it has a lot of opportunities we can use some app such as toonly to tell the story of how Abacha looted our money and went to hell, illustrations are also good for education

Most parents and Kids will love folklore, stories about the tortoise and the white snake, if you are well-grounded in animation this is a good YouTube video idea that could fetch you real money in Nigeria

Other YouTube video ideas you can try are Game walkthrough and streaming Ideas, showcase your talents: you think you can dance? Oya lets go there show us, learn the latest dancing steps and teach others

There are thousands of Ideas you can tap in to make amazing videos but, always ensure its fun, as time goes on this is what you will be known with, I trust Nigerians, ensure you consist in releasing your videos avoids ideas that will leave you quickly burned out and less interesting to you

How to Promote Your YouTube Video Channel in Nigeria without Stress

#How to Make High quality YouTube videos (Step by Step)

Best free Android Apps to use in Making YouTube Videos

Vlogit: this is a professional video editing app, if you like to edit your videos suing you phones I bet you should check this out first, it has a nice interface, clutter-free with certain features such as animation effects, trimming, overlays, filters as well as the ability to stream your completed video. Guess what? it’s free!

Power Director Video Editor for Android Apps

It’s a powerful view and movie make which you can use to create your YouTube videos, its have a goof animation effects., backgrounds and a voice-over system, you can record, edit and view your videos on the fly plus you can publish your videos directly to your YouTube channel

In conclusion

Internet business is the solution to our teaming unemployment because it has no boundary, with nice skills you can be earning a six-figure income, this is why youtube is flooded with a lot of videos, but what will differentiate you from others is your concept

Learning how to make money on YouTube in Nigeria, can be easy if you pick the best idea, especially funny ones then try to upload clear videos, and be consistent, Trust me, it may seem slow but when it starts flowing, only you will understand the joy

Having said all these, I hope your luck shine, but if you need assistance especially in promotion or apps for video creation comment below I will send you some premium app download link

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