The Best Web Hosting Companies for New Bloggers in 2020

Since you have considered blogging as a profession and maybe another source to boost your income, I am going to recommend the best web hosting companies for new bloggers like you, but before I start listing out the best choices I also want you to see how I came about this verdict

For a little transparency, I used my affiliate link to refer you however this will not affect the price or the quality of services attached to them in any way. I critically analyzed a lot of this web hosting companies before making a choice and I am using most of them for myself and some clients

This means I am writing this blog post from an experience point of view I am not ignorant of the fact, there may be other good Webhosting companies out there, if you see cool hosting deals from other companies you can use the comment box to recommend it, I will test it then include it in this post for my readers to make their choices

The Criteria used in rating the web hosting firms

  • Price and Affordability
  • Reliabilities and features
  • Customer support and feedback
  • Uptime

Price of the Webhosting

Before I start churning out web siting plans from different companies, if you are a beginner like most of us when we started wouldn’t you want to get an affordable web hosting deal?  Yes, I am pretty sure we want the best from each of the hosting plans we subscribed for but you cannot rule out budget from your spending plans

There is no money anywhere, for the fact you desire to start a blog for an extra means of income shows you are on a tight budget, any web hosting plan without good pricing template isn’t ideal for Startup bloggers. This is the first criteria in choosing a good web hosting firm, the price must be affordable

Reliability and features of the hosting plans

reliabilities The Best Web Hosting Companies for New Bloggers in 2020

Now we are on the same page as regards to the price, how about the features and other goodies which our websites or blogs must need to thrive? Having a cheap pricing template offer from your web hosting company is not the silver bullet to becoming one of the best web hosting company, in 2009 I was naïve to buy a hosting offer from an unknown web hosting firm because the price was so good,

One of my greatest nightmare was when my site was frequently pulled off because maybe I was overusing the shared resources

This was a shocker for me right then my sites were all HTML pages, wondering why I used up their resources, I had to abandon that hosting firm to get a new account from Bluehost

Honestly to a great extent, if it’s too cheap to be careful as there might be a catch, a good web hosting firm should strike a balance between the resources allocated to the web hosting space and the price, for instance here are some of the features which a basic blogger should consider when choosing a hosting plan

Basic features a good hosting plan should have

  • Reasonable Disk space – from 15Gig and above
  • Bandwidth 100Gig upwards
  • Emails: 5 – unlimited email accounts
  • Database: 10 upwards
  • Shared RAM: 1.5Gb up and 2.4 short burstable
  • Entry process and other resources: 50% usage
  • Maximum email sent per domain: 200 mails
  • Free or Shared SSL
  • Extra migration
  • Scalability and expansion plan
  • server Speed should be less than 70 microseconds when pinging

Other details such as the latest PHP upgrade, using of Cpanel, Server security and backups must be available for the clients. these are the basic needs for a beginner, it’s enough for a WordPress blog

The firm must have other bigger plans such as Business class, VPS, dedicated servers just in case your business skyrocketed your better off in same firm handling your servers than migrating to another host

I took consideration of this before I gave my verdict

Customer Support and feedback

customer support assistance

Support is something that cannot be neglected if you want to succeed in any business, in webhosting business, during 2012 when I started a small reseller web hosting, some of my pitfall was my unavailability to answer my clients support tickets and response timely

Before you consider any webhosting firm please even if the price goes below $1 no cent should be wasted if their support system is wacky. As a beginner you will always need support assistance your web hosting fir, if it’s not file permission issues it could be help in installing your SSL certificate.

These web hosting companies selected takes pride in responding to their client’s ticket in less than 30 minutes

Ruling out this as a factor, the customer support or live chat attendants must be very friendlily and helpful, I have had encounters with same hostile chat attendants during my stay with arvixe web hosting, it wasn’t sometimes nice,

Being friendly will help win a customer over before I left my previous host Ethernet Servers, I was blown away by one of their customer’s support guy “George” the dude is so good at this, you might even develop one on one friendship with him, sadly I have to leave not because their services are bad in fact they were among my best recommended VPS providers, I left because I needed to focus on just a few  of my blogs and the VPS project I was handling did not go as planned, but as soon as I am ready to buy a VPS hosting am going for their VPS self-manage Plan

Namecheap was another great webhosting site I live to tell about their support system, these guys are good, take my word for it, they can go out of their way to fix your site beyond their line of duties, it felt butterflies in my stomach when they migrated all my site, (massive gigs of data) from my Old VPs sites to the new plan, set up all emails, database, SSL and it was like nothing ever happened, no downtime

They were following it up with different reps updating me time to time on how the migration is going

What else would you ask for than this? In terms of turbulence and site issues you can have a shoulder to rely on and help you do the heavy lifting. That’s the deal and you should go for it you know?

Server Uptime

server Uptime and speed of the web hiosting companies

This is the final punchline for my rating, your site speed and availability is among the ranking factors which search engines use when categorizing your website, your site speed and uptime will affect your SEO if it’s bad,

Just like in real-world where your office is located, if a customer or clients comes to purchase your goods but your shop is under closed or under lock and key, what do you think will happen?  Depending on how loyal the customer is, they might patronize an alternative shop but if on repeated occasion your shop is always locked,

There are big chances your customers will not bother checking you out next time, this is also applicable online if your site always goes offline or the site speed is slower than snail pace your visitors bounce rate will increase and soon search engine bots will relegate your blog at the lowers ranking

Like recently a client of mine I was helping to optimize his website to enrol for AdSense publishers program, I was half done into the work until I observed I cannot access the website for some minutes I reached out to him, my doubts were confirmed when he reported back the same issues,

It was then we knew his server was down, from his web hosting firm, he had to put a call across to them, now tell me for how long can he continue to call them, imagine if a client was about making payments on his eCommerce shop and boom! Everything goes offline, that’s not acceptable, this is your business, your lifeline you cannot afford to jeopardize it leaving it in the hands of people who will mess it up

I am sure you understand why I had to go this extent to show you why I rated these companies below among the best, feel free to vote them according to your experience so that others intending to buy hosting plans from them will be guarded

Best Web Hosting Companies for New Bloggers

Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap Share Hosting is the best web hosting company for 2020 Review

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Bluehost Web Hosting Company

Bluehost is the Second best web hosting firm after namecheap

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I’m pretty sure you will agree with me that these hosting firms are among the best, of course, there are a lot out there but these are sure bet firms which will never change, as they have been under my radar and I have used them countless times for myself and my clients

I do not want to recommend services I have not used this is why I might not be considering other web hosting firms, but from a users point of view you can share your experiences, the most highly suggested companies will be listed here so do you have some Best Web Hosting Companies for new bloggers you would love to share?