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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD 2020 Full Guide

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD plus how you can make money as a blogger referring your friends who sell or buy cryptocurrencies on TruexGOLD. You will also learn how to open a bitcoin account ( for Novices) and what you can use bitcoin for

So you’re thinking of, what other ways can I make money online outside blogging or so-called drop shipping right? Do you know most times the answers to our challenges lies even in plain sight however too much familiarity and negligence can make you ignore it

This post is an eye-opener on how you can make real cool cash buying and selling bitcoin and other digital currencies on TruexGOLD, before I dive in if your serious about squeezing out every dime from the internet (which is enormous ) using TruexGold isn’t just for buying and selling bitcoins, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency,

There is a sweet part that I love about this company which is: they have an affiliate referral system, do you know what it means? No, you don’t, let me spelled it out for you, it means that I get to make money even if I didn’t buy or sell bitcoins, all I need to do is to refer my friends who will use their platform to fund their account, buy or sell crypto, that’s all, and while they get the best offers in terms of great exchange rates, faster response and friendly customer support, you get to be paid a commission for referring them

Look here it’s a win-win, you refer them, they get the best exchange rate as of now they are the best, then your friends are happy, on your side, you also made some bucks even without buying or selling cryptocurrencies on TruexGold

OK, I like I said before, I will show you everything I know about making money with TruexGOLD but first, I need to know if you understand what bitcoin or cryptocurrency means I want to find out if you are familiar with it because I do not want to sound like an IT guru or someone talking gibberish, I am also taking this extra step because of some bloggers who would love to join TruexGold affiliate system

What is Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a form of online digital currency that can be used to buy and sell goods. Most firms have their currencies often known as tokens, for most us in Africa and Nigeria, the emergency of cryptocurrency in Nigeria started during the onset of MMM this is why most people see cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum as a Ponzi technology however this is far from the truth

Cryptocurrencies work using a technology called the blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manage and record transactions. Part of the appeal of this technology is its security.

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If you are wondering what you can do with cryptocurrencies, then here are so many things you can do with it,

First, almost 95 percent of online e-commerce websites now accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, lite coin, Ethereum, etc, for me, it saves me the stress of going to banks to open dom account, or other various verifications system before I can transact online,

If you are into forex trading, using of cryptocurrencies is a sure bet to fund your forex platform, and for an average person, you can also buy cryptocurrencies when the exchange rate is low and resell them when it goes high, for instance around 2016 I had about 1.4m in my account during NYSC year, one bitcoin was 350k in Naira then imagine I had used 700k to buy like 2 bitcoins, if I resale it now going by exchange rate I would be making more than 8million naira, yes, you can imagine

Set up your Bitcoin Wallet

By now I am sure you have understood how bitcoin work even if you don’t trade online you can figure out how to refer your friends especially the forex guys, but But before you can start buying or selling you need to create a bitcoin wallet account

To create a bitcoin wallet is so easy and simple here are places you can get create a wallet account online some of the popular sites where you can create a wallet account are

CoinbaseOne-stop solution, an exchange integrated with a wallet
Lumi WalletFree, easy, client-side interface to generate one wallet that supports BTC, ETH and plenty of ERC20 tokens
CircleUsers can store, send, receive and buy Bitcoins
BlockchainOne of the most popular web-based wallets
StrongcoinOffers a hybrid wallet, which lets you encrypt your private address keys before sending them to its servers
XapoA simple Bitcoin wallet, with the added security of a cold-storage vault

After creating your account ensure you used a secured password now you have a bank account to store your money lets us proceed to fund it maybe to resell in future or transact with it as the case may be, this is exactly where TruexGOLD comes in



TruexGold is an online cryptocurrency Auto exchanger where you can buy and sell digital currencies such as Bitcoins, Binary USD, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Planet Of Bets USD, Perfect Money, Ethereum and other currencies as listed on the platform

The guys behind Truexgold have been in the system for over 5 years now and have done their home works, TruexGOLD can easily fund your account in less than 5 minutes to 1hour on a business working day the system is automated so you do not need to worry over delays

How Legit is TruexGOLD?

TruexGOLD is one of the safest sites where you are a guaranty of legitimacy they are a big brand, registered under Nigeria Corporate Affairs commissions, To show you how real they are, TruexGOLD is listed on exchange sites like ( This is a privilege only a few firms get to have ),

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They were recently enlisted into one of the biggest reputable e-currency exchange websites monitor  “OKCHANGER.COM”  This listing has put TruexGOLD as the first e-currency exchange company in Nigeria and the world at large to automate the exchange of the Nigeria Naira to digital currencies and vice-versa.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD with Okchanger cryptocurrency

Reliability is one word you should look out for each time you are about to transact online, after all, if any virtual platform misbehaves there is little or nothing you can do to fix things except you are in the right hands. That’s why I am recommending these guys, they know their onions.

Though there are thousands of online cryptocurrency exchangers in Nigeria, TruexGold have come a long way to boosting her customer’s satisfaction, reliability and faster supports coupled with best exchange rates when compared to other platforms

Most of these currency exchange companies are run by single individuals masquerading as big firms but these guys are made of great teams of developers, business analysts and sales reps you can walk into their office located at Number 57 MCC-Uratta Road, Owerri Imo State on any active business hours

So if you were unsure about how they run their services before, now you know the facts, can we now proceed on using TruexGold to make money? (the sweet part)

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGold

on your desktop computer or mobile phone browser address bar type in “”, you now on TrueeGOLD platform home page, the first thing you should get yourself acquainted with is the registration process which is very easy and simplified

Click on signup, at the top right corner of the page, a popup box will appear with a simplified registration form just fill it up and solve the captcha then “signup”

fill up How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD 2020 Full Guide

After your done with signup click on your ‘User Profile page” at the top just click on your username to arrive at the User Profile settings page, just fill in your personal data such as shown below

dashboard How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD 2020 Full Guide

When your done you can head straight your first transaction, now let’s see how you can buy Bitcoin with TruexGOLD

How to Buy Bitcoin on TruexGOLD

As soon as you log in on TruexGOLD, at the top left, Click on NGN , followed by clicking on the Bitcoin BTC link, you will be redirected to transaction page where you will fill you every detail

TruexGold buying of Bitcoins instructions

Remember we are funding our bitcoin wallet, so logically your buying Bitcoin AKA BTC from TruexGOLD, therefore, you need to paste your Bitcoin wallet address inside TruexGOLd to receive your coins,

selling How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD 2020 Full Guide

Click on EXCHANGE After solving the captcha

On the next page it’s important to cross-check your bitcoin wallet address and the actual BTC you will receive please check properly if everything seems OK then place an order, The final Page should show an account number where to make a deposit when you re done you can come back to click on ” PAID” to notify the system,

Bitcoin Funding account Systrem on

Your funding should be automated after payment checks are verified you will also be notified when the funding is completed. Login to your Bitcoin wallet account to confirm

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How to SELL Bitcoin on TruexGOLD

On TruexGOLD Home page Please Just click on the Bitcoin Link by your left followed by clicking on the Bitcoin Tab link at your right (Pictured), it will redirect you to your account information details

How to sell your Bitcoin currency on TruexGOLD

In the New page please ensure you fill in the correct account Number with other necessary information as shown in the picture

TruexGOLD account Details

When you are done with the necessary checks, Click on Exchange then wait for preview, then click on create Order tp process your request and generate you a bitcoin wallet address where you will transfer your BTC

TruexGOLD Sellers Bitcoin Account Order

When you Create an Order you will be given a wallet address to transfer the bitcoin you are selling. If you did the transfer successfully please click on the “Paid” Button to notify the system . everything is one automatically with 5 minutes to 1hr

TruexGOLD Order created and instructions to confirm payment

On a final note: This demonstration applies to other cryptocurrencies on TruexGOLD, just follow the same steps when you want to buy and sell Binary/DERIV, buy and sell Perfect Money or when you want to buy and sell Ethereum on TruexGOLD

Make Money Online Reffering People to TruexGOLD

TruexGOLD Affiliate System, Make upto 33 percent refering your friends on TruexGOLD

If you are a blogger or just a student or someone who knows friends, family members or colleagues at work into cryptocurrencies buying and selling, you can utilize TruexGOLD affiliate system to make extra cash by just referring your friends to the websites

How to Become a TruexGOLD affiliate User

first, you need to create an account on TruexGOLD then edit your details and fill up all the necessary information as shown in the post above, head over to the affiliate Dashboard, you will apply to enable your affiliate account, then you will see your earning stats each time you visit your affiliate dashboard

How to Promote your TruexGOLD affiliate Links

It’s easy as far as you can tell your friends about it, however, do not forget to always redirect them to TruexGOLD website with your affiliate links, you can get some promotional images from TruexGOLD website by going to promotional Materials

The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD. All payments to be done right after admin verifies your account. Actually it takes less than 24 hours after submitting a withdrawal request.

You can read more on Affiliate Frequently Ask Questions ( FAQ )on TruexGOLd Officila Web sites


When it comes to buying and selling bitcoin on TruexGOLD, reliability, and speed is what to expect, plus these guys are friendly, understanding, they love what they do this is why they ensure all their clients are happy, you can’t be wrong to give TruexGOLD a trial, plus you will get the best exchange rate, for me, I am loving the affiliate system because while I do my crypto business I Also refer my friend and make more than 33 percent

Dont take my Word for it, give them a trial to see for yourself, the come back to thank me

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