Adsense Application and Approval Services

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Get my AdSense Approval Bundle Package if you are a new blogger, focus more on crafting your contents than how to come up with a design, We have developed a fresh design which is best for any kind of business blog,



How would you like to get instant Adsense Approval with your new blog?  This package is created for just that. It’s not just a theme but a kit. To get Google Adsense Approval I have created a WordPress site bundle with a theme, all you need is to do is to upload the website to your hosting, run the SQL database details, your blog is ready for the world

How does it work

After making payment online. you will have access to download the whole website in a zip formate

Upload it to your hosting control panel and extract it

Create a database, run SQL database

Login to your website to finish the setup by changing the name of your website, Change your site logo, that’s all, if you have any content you can start posting it right away

This bundle is a proven Theme and setup used over and over to apply for Adsense with 98 rates of approval

Other Services included

Installation service to your web server ( you need to contact us for that at no extra cost however, it will take 2-4 days to complete)

Free site Audit and blog mentorship until your Adsense account is approved

Latest Info

We now Handle the installation to meet the requirement, you will send in your WordPress Admin login details to our email [email protected]

we will respond within 24hrs with 6 topics we have research for Adsense approval. We will work alongside you, all you need to do is to write exactly what we instructed send to our email,

We will take over the publishing and with the help of our own images we will publish 6 articles with Adsense Standard on your Blog, run some on-page SEO and optimization

Within two weeks you should have your Adsense Approval

NOTE: in order for us to achieve this you must be ready to suspend your old blog after we are done you may restore your old post and continue


While We are pretty sure to get your account enrolled and accepted by Adsense provided you have not been banned before by google Adsense, we will not be held liable if you violet Adsense policies or go Contrarily to the Adsense Publishers content Policies ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions governing the program

Additional information


Wordpress Theme Specifically designed for Adsense application and approval

Premium Plugins

Bundled together for your site application and growth.

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