List of Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria & User Reviews 2020

Here is the comprehensive list of Web hosting companies in Nigeria and the reviews from their users, you can drop your rating too

About Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria web hosting industry has seen a tremendous change since 2010, unlike during the early 2006- 2009 a lot of what we have as web hosting firms were merely white label Web hosting resellers and affiliate web referrals However things have been more professionally run nowadays as most of these companies can afford to buy there own servers and maintain it

Locally Based Hosting Vs Foreign Web hosting Which is preferable?

This question is what I get to answer almost every time I am eing a new beginner to start an online website or blog. I understand this because you can not afford to start on a faulty foundation, so to answer your question here is my answer

It depends on your budget and long term goals; let me dive into this, local hosting is very cheap for a start, let’s say you were kicking off a small blog or just a startup business which does not attract so much traffic (at least for the moment), getting a Locally based hosting will be the best idea

Benefits of local web hosting over Foriegn based hosting

You can pay in your local currency: it saves you a lot of stress, I lost one of my blog which I hosted with a foreign host in 2017 because I was unable to fix my credit card and pay on time, by the time I went in to renew I have exhausted the grace period given to me and it was shut down if it was a local based hosting, don’t you think I will be able to pay up even before the expiration

Loacaly Based Web hosting Companies are Cheap:

Holup there is a catch too they can be also expensive if you consider the bigger prices to their foreign counterpart so my advice is to start with them when you really have a little or limited budget but once you are sure your project is moving greatly you can migrate to the foreign host, I just made an experienced-based review on the best web hosting com[naies for new bloggers check it out

Security and Accessibilty:

The lifeline of your blog depends on how good your web hosting company is, while I agree there is a lot more to be done in this segment by web hosting companies in Nigeria, I can shock you that most of them are pretty experienced and can configure their servers to suit the Nigerian neds this includes ensuring their servers are near in this part of the word thereby increase the speed of the content delivery,

They also have a free mind and friendly to approach when it comes to privacy violations, you can easily resolve your issues with them, unfortunately, the perceived image of Nigeria abroad is not so good, once you violate any foreign-based web hosting policies you can sure be meted wth an instant account termination

Imporntant Information

I will continue to update this post as far as there are new entrants into the Nigeria web hosting world if you have any good web hosting company which I did not include in this list please use the comment box to suggest it and I will go through it before adding it

About Web hosting Companies in Nigeira Reviews

Please take your time to share your experience, I only provided the platform if you have had good experiences with any of the web hosting firms in Nigeria please review & share it here, after all our aim is to encourage them and boost local content production however if you also had any negative occurrence ensure you are honest about it and list it out I believe in due time it will serve as a call for such web hosting company to wake up or improve on ts services

How to rate and share your experience

Fill in your name and email in the form below each of the web hosting companies you wish to review, write your title as it pleases you and proceeds to share your experience with every detail, rate according to the price, the customer support, and the performance plus your overall experience when you were with them, It will be nice you say exactly what happened without exaggeration

List of Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria & User Reviews

I ensure I Checked the existence of these businesses and their websites as of the time of posting it please if you find anyone out of business notify me to remove it



WhoGoHost was founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi, then a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, to serve clients of his web design firm innovate NIGERIA who also needed hosting for their websites. WhoGoHost was then simply a reseller that provided hosting services to customers, allowing them to pay in local currency.

In 2010, Toba Obaniyi joined him as a partner to help grow the vision. WhoGoHost got incorporated in 2011 and the growth truly began. In 2012, Toba Obaniyi took over as the CEO of the company, building the company, with the help of a dedicated and talented team, to the size it is today.

WhoGoHost is currently the largest web hosting company in Nigeria and the West African region. The company started as a web hosting firm but has grown to offer a lot of other products and services to help her customers grow and succeed online. Focused on delivering top-notch support and the best offerings, WhoGoHost continues to evolve and introduce new ways to engage her customers and support their businesses.

WhoGoHost has received several awards over the years and is recognized as the top choice for businesses that need to get online ( Source )

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Smart Web Nigeria Web hosting Firm

Smart Web Nigeria Limited  among the  top leading web hosting companies

Smart Web Nigeria Limited was born in 2004 to give people an easy and affordable way to get their ideas online. These days, having an online presence isn’t just a privilege, it’s a necessity. We believe it’s a basic right. We provide affordable domain registration, web hosting, and cloud services to over 100,000 sites, blogs, and applications, and supports over 20,000 web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Source

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DomainKing African and India based Web Hosting

DomainKing Web hosting company

DomainKing is a Global Domain Registrar accredited with many Asian & African Registries. We offer a wide range of services from Domain Names, Web Hosting to complete Websites & Tools that help your business grow. Our mission is to become the leader in Internet Services across Asia & Africa by providing quality Web Services & Tools that help every Business, Developer & Blogger succeed online in their ventures. SOURCE

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This Post will Keep Updating with the latest web hosting companies in Nigeria nd there contacts details, hosting info