4 Truth bloggers will never tell you about blogging until it’s too late!

How to make money online Blogging, or Steps to make $1000 dollars daily from your blog! Does it sound familiar? Well if you have seen a lot of these posts lately, Welcome to the club, where every blogger makes $1000 or even more monthly from their blog sitting at a corner in 4 by 4 room wearing pajamas and drinking hot chocolate! listen, mate, That’s the Truth bloggers will never tell you… LOL

How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

Truth bloggers will never tell you
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Here is a simple way, the precise steps you need to take to make $1,000 blogging, even if you’re an absolute amateur, It works

  1. Step 1: Pick a Blog Niche or Topic. …
  2. Step 2:Set up your blog …
  3. Step 3: Create Valuable Content
  4. Step 4: Choose ONE social media network and grow it
  5. Step 5: Start Monetizing Your Blog.

Why didn’t any tell me this on that that I could become a millionaire long time ago through blogging lol, Boy! This white lie is so sweet that I am even buying it, I started on this not because of the deception and misinformation storm brewing in a teacup whenever blogging is mentioned but to prepare you, Obi-Wan Kenobi for the task ahead.

Ok Lets address the big elephant in the room

Is it realistic to make money blogging?

The short answer is definitely “YES” but the long answer is ” it requires a lot more than a yes answer or simple Steps, It is complex and very demanding

As a beginner, you have come across some blogger’s income report, you become very anxious and impatient may be thinking ” Just hold on once I monetize my blog through Adsense or re-directly an affiliate link, boom! I’m gonna be a million this month’s end!! but you get disappointed

You find out it takes more than just that, then you feel dumb, How could other bloggers figure this out and I haven’t? Please, guys, help me, I want to make money like you!

The reality on the ground is that most of those bloggers haven’t figured anything out yet, they are just blowing the smoke up your ass in the hopes it works and how else can they get a little traffic if not writing on how to make money online especially in a country like Nigeria where things are getting harder daily! and everyone wants to learn how to make money on the internet

Let us be very blunt! Most bloggers attempting to make money from blogging are not actually making cash yet through it.

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They are not making any money yet!

In today’s latest gist, the media is awash with the success stories of successful bloggers and how lucrative blogging is, but have you sat down to meditate on the other sides of the story?

People like ProBlogger and John chow were the typical examples on how blogging can make you a multi-millionaire,  bringing this down to Nigeria, When you hear How to make money through blogging celebrities like Linda Ikeji and co are all we remember

I am writing this post based on my discovery and experience plus my interaction with most successful bloggers who are earning something substantial on the internet

4 Truth bloggers will never tell you until it’s too late!

Gone are those days when blogging is just an art, or a mere  passion  thing, today’s blogging is a career, job,   business and every business will always be riddled with huge challenges

Except you belong to the group of persons who are not bothered about making income from blogging, then you need to know the real truth about how to making money from your blogs

Blogging  for Dollars is not for you if you are lazy

The truth iis that you can not make a dime on line blogging is you are lazy

The first Truth bloggers will never tell you about blogging is that blogging is very competitive and stressful, in 2009 I had an AdSense account and a small blog, for the first 1 year of my blogging experience, I was not able to earn up to $50!

There are so many blogs out there, in fact, according to a survey carried out one of the top bloggers  Darren Rowse,  the founder of ProBlogger,  during his blog membership program and report, 28% of bloggers earn less than $10 in a full year while 25% others earn between $10 -99 dollars in a full year!

So what’s the buzz I am hearing on simple steps to making money online through blogging? the sound of kola nut in the mouth is not the way it tastes! even if you were well armed with all the contents and tools it takes more than that! you have to be proactive and see blogging as your new business investment

It Takes Time to Build Successful Blog

see it takrd time relax 4 Truth bloggers will never tell you about blogging until it's too late!

Another Discovery which I believe  should help you prepare your mind for a long ride into the blogging world is that it really takes time before your efforts will start paying off

Of course, We all use Linda Ikeji as a benchmark on how successful anyone into blogging can be! Have you read her story? I bet you may be discouraged to even start.  Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006 for over 4 years she was earning nothing, it was around 2010 that her efforts started to pay off

If your intentions are to make money through blogging, can you really wait that long?

This is not to put you off from attempting to kick start your blogging career, my intentions are to correct the notion on how easy it to make money from your blog so that you will not get disappointed so easily or give up during the tough times

There is no Formula on Making money online through your blog

This is another deception some upcoming bloggers like you and me have been fed with, I have come across countless web pages offering a secret arsenal to making 6 figure income monthly, They even release guaranty steps you will follow to make money, but in the end, you end up buying their products ( Spinning)

I discovered from the interviews I had with successful bloggers on how to make money online, there is no secret formula for making money from your blog.

Yes no exact formula! most of them acted on a hunch that led to a big discovery in their path,  What this meant is that as unique as our niches are so are our challenges,

The Real truth about Blogging you should know

Isn’t it obvious the real reason why you set up your blog is to make money? Hey! Don’t preach it, I get it, your focusing on your passion? Soon enough we will know. My dear listen, no one is father Christmas, every blogger wishes to make real money out of their blog, that is why ‘make money online blog‘ sells like pizza or like Garri without adverts

The Secret behind making is your Audience! look here, this is the biggest secret about making money, yes, if you have the right audience you wouldn’t find it hard to earn,

No niche is super hot, get it right, what is hot is the audience, and I think we have heard enough about picking a niche, while it’s great to write on what you know but all your focus should be on solving problems regardless of nice!

So After setting you your blog, please focus on your audience, write whatever that appeals to them not your passion, follow the trend, that’s like ” AGIP” any government in power, that is why Dangote is where he is now!

In Conclusion

What works for you might not work for the next person, and we forge our own success and stories as we battle the demons, so when next you hear anyone telling you about the glorious breakthroughs he had made remember there was also the challenging side which they will never let know, Its cool sha.

No Doubt blogging is very promising and lucrative if you breakthrough but it’s not a get a rich quick venture, you may later discover, it’s one of the most time-draining careers

If your interest is to make a living out of your blog, you should prepare for the time when nothing is trickling in, you should have other sources of income, Make blogging a part-time thing until the breakthrough, remember these are some of the most hidden Truth bloggers will never tell you,

Of course, there are other factors that will determine how successful your blog can be such as writing quality contents, Promotional strategies, and how you implement your Search Engine Optimizations  

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