How to Promote Your New Blog in Nigeria

So you are thinking about how to promote your new blog in Nigeria? Its always frustrating and heartbreaking when you, take so much time, learning how to startup blogging, Best web host, Good SEO optimize theme for that wonderful blog of yours, but after putting in a lot of work into the blog, the next real big work will be on how can I announce my new blog

For us here, to promote your new blog in Nigeria is becoming more tasking because Blogging nowadays is becoming so saturated that you may have a rethink before starting up one.

In this short post, I will show you a simple way toy can announce your new blog online especially in Nigeria and start getting website visitors free

these days if you wish to get attention or traffic without waiting for the slow organic growth, you must use a paid traffic system such as Adwords or Facebook ads

How you can Announce your New Blog Faster and Gain Unique Visit

Since your target audience is Nigerians, the first place you should announce your web blog should be on Nigeria websites, and there are places you should not miss out

  1. Submit your Website to Nigeria Local Business Directories:

There is a reason why local Business directory is very important in growing your blog popularity, for starters, one of the criteria which will help your search engine exposure is on the number of quality backlinks from authority web sites. 

Most Nigeria Local Directories have good SEO Rankings, and thus; will increase your Local Search Engine ranking because it will give you the needed backlinks to kick-start your new blog. if you want to increase your sales or promote your new blog in Nigeria, submitting your site URL to these directories is a  *MUST*

Here are Top Nigeria Web Directories you should submit your new blog 

Vconnect Nigeria: I could remember the first time I search my blog online, it was here I saw it, my blog listing was ranking higher than my blog itself! lol. Vconnect is a business directory dedicated to helping connect SME and service providers deliver efficiently. You should submit your new blog on Vconnect

Business List Nigeria: This is the second most popular Nigeria business directory, it showcases a database of  business and their contacts, having your blog on this platform avails you good backlinks opportunities and exposure

Google My Business

This is a *Must* for anyone wishing to have his blog among the SERP’s. the process of submitting your blog may take a little while, however, Google business listings will give you the needed credibility and exposure you need to reach your target audience.

You can See List of Top 15 Directories where you can submit your blog

2. Create a Good Social Media Page

The impacts of social media in driving web traffic to your website is something you can never ignore, these days everyone is on either facebook, twitter or Instagram, why not leverage this advantage by inviting your friends to like your page, or follow you online?

It’s also a good place to share your blog post so that your blog will be exposed to a wider audience. the traffic from social media is always fast and quick, I made a post on how you can retain your first-time visitors

Share your Article and Comment Online

This is my favorite and one of the most effective means of promoting any new blog I have, Nairaland is a good place to start. 

Nairaland isn’t just a forum, It’s a place where you can get new clients and good business exposure if you want to use Nairaland as a good source of web traffic, try to make a meaningful post, tag the moderators and you will see your website appear on the front page, do not forget to include your blog links on the post.

The final piece of mine before I wrap it off is on blog commenting, a lot of people are saying it’s not effective anymore but I say it is!

find blogs that are in the same niche with yours, comment on their popular post, new post and remember to drop your website link in. This act is another backlink building strategy. 

Wrapping it up

The life of every web site is on how many active visitors it can attract, to promote your new blog in Nigeria requires you understand the niche your topics are on and the dynamics involves.

When you start your new blog promotion, it may seem like it’s not working but have a little patience, Search Engine Optimisation process can take up to  3 months before you will see meaningful progress. but in the end, the most important thing is to keep on adopting any good promotional strategy you have.

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