How to Start a Profitable Blog from Scratch in 2020

There you go, maybe you can across this topic from a friend and wants to know what it takes to Start a Profitable Blog from Scratch on your own without spending so much on training huh?

I decided to make this long training post because I was exactly like you a few years back, though I read so many tutorials online, however, I was finding it very difficult to connect with some of those training because of how techy it seems then.

I was thinking on how to kick off this post, but each time I write I see myself talking like a professional, using some geeky and guru language, you know for first-timers or newbie’s it’s going to be too technical to understand, This is why I am going to the dam (Search Engine Optimization) SEO rule and other Google bot priorities to teach even a 7-year-old kid how you can start blogging

If you are on this page right now, it means you are interested in learning how to start blogging in a fun way, as a novice right?

This topic will have three Series First topi will deal on the introductory all you need to know about blogging and history, the Second episode will cover the practical training on how to build and set up your blog while the last chapter will handle how to monetize and make revenue from your blog

That is exactly what you will get on this post, plus live a practical guide on how to set up a good blog, It is going to have Part 1- 10 and will definitely come in ebook formate soon!

For your notice, this topic is going to be a long read, but I have decided to split it into segments, so get your cup of coffee, So let’s get started with introductions

Brief History of Blogging

Would you love to know how blogging started and why you should start a blog today?  Defiantly did I hear you say yes!  Alright,

The history of blogging dates 1994 online journal where everyone writes about their personal experiences and shares online with their friends, but people discovered another opportunity to get heard and commutate effectively, this is what has led to the growth of blogging today 

Around the year 2000, it was an era of blogging explosion because businesses were leveraging on its online exposures to reach out to their potential costumers/clients

 Before digging into the nitty-gritty can we define what a blog is?

A Blog is an online information Journal Where views, information, news or ideas are shared in chronological order, that is, daily, weekly or monthly according to the time it was posted, and the blog could be managed by a group of people (writers) or an individual

Why Are People Talking about Blogging?

As a curious intending blogger, won’t you like to know why many people are going into blogging; well here are the reasons why a lot of people are into blogging and why you should too!

Blogging helps you to become a celebrity

Wow!, Am sure you know these days popularity is where everything is happening if you are craving to become a popular household name such as Bella Naija, Linda Ikeja, Ogbonge blog, Seun , etc, then have a seat, this post is exactly what you need to read, definitely it’s going to be very detailed.

Blogging empowers you to become your better self

A lot of people these days crave for self-development and improve self-esteem, how would you love to become someone everyone would love to be like? Blogging is the real deal, it helps you to become a better writer and influential, because as time progresses people are going to read your post online and also make reference to it

Blogging makes your voice be heard

These days news is released by individuals or groups of people, how do you think people like instablog, Omojuwa, Noble Igwe and numerous bloggers became a voice to reckon with because they are the first to break solid news and creating beehives of huge followership?

Due to how powerful and influential its, blogging can also be utilized by various political and religious agents to instigate violence or spread wrong information, this is why  the government is not taking to chance, on the growing influence of  bloggers  in order to combat the rise of fake news

Definitely, everything about blogging are interrelated, from you,

being popular => to becoming a brand => having authority in that area  =>  making money from it, you see

Blogging can make you very rich

Of course, this is where you are looking forward to arriving right? Hold on a sec, do you know why blogging is a gold mine? Its numerous benefits come all in one package together, ok here is living example

Who is Linda Ikeji? She is a blogger, who is famous, an authority in celebrity gossip news and she is very rich, right? Wow! what a massive combo, all in one.

What you should know about Blogging

Despite has lucrative and impressive blogging has come to be, it’s crucial you prepare your mind for certain challenges which you will surely encounter in your quest to Glory,

No doubt, blogging is fun if you have the passion and creativity to engage your readers, it’s also stressful especially for people like us (yes ) who are more interested in developing blogs or creating websites, It’s never a get rich quick scheme, believe me, it’s one of the most lonely and challenging sectors you would burn out very quickly if you are not prepared to push against the tides, in summary, this is what you should know

  • Blogging for Dollars is not for lazy folks
  • It Takes Time to Build Successful Blog
  • There is No Formula on making money online through your blog

See three hidden facts about Blogging you must know

Setting up Your WordPress Blog without experience

Having elaborated on the need to be well informed before we start setting up blogs, I am pretty sure you are ready to start the process right? Of course, you are, therefore in this next section, I will be walking you through the installation of your blog, customization, theming and extending your blog with plugins.

Don’t get scared or see this section being too techie or meant for geeky guys, see if you want the best and a well-tailored growth, right now you need to know the basics of setting up a blog and maintenance so that your future will be right in your hands, let’s say subsequently when you might have grown out of proportion, you can hire techies like us for maintenance

That being said, in case you still insist on hiring someone or maybe you just need an error-free startup, with the right plugins, optimize themes and flexible Search engine Optimize blog startup, my fees are affordable and you can hit me up on my website or call right on

WordPress Blogging Software

WordPress has grown from just a blogging software (script) to an advance App anyone can use to develop virtual anything

Before your imaginations run wide, most websites you access online especially your news and eCommerce websites are built on the WordPress framework

The first mistake new bloggers make is on starting on a wrong platform, some have justified their choice such as starting on because it’s free for the learning process

Simply put, a platform is where you intend to put your blog on, there are many kinds of platforms that allow you to set up your blog, most are free hosted platforms, such as Wix, blogger, and so many other blog service providers and paid platforms, but for the course of this e-book, we are selecting a self-hosted platform and our pick is WordPress

Why you should not run after Free Platforms

No doubt nobody would want to spend so much to set up a blog, besides blogs are suppose to make us money not take from us

I got your pain, this is why I am not selling this e-book, if you could follow everything I laid out here, you are surely going to be making money teaching other, setting up blogs, and most importantly earning a substantial amount from it

This e-book covers everything a novice should know, from full in-depth of what blogging means, setting up a blog, crafting quality contents, how to get people to come to visit your new blog to monetization process, ( earn from it)

Free blog platforms are like Greek gifts Avoid It

Let me explain fully why you should never use free blog providers to start your dream blog,

Creating a successful blog is very energy-sapping and takes time but how would you react after reaching your pinnacle of success in blogging career suddenly all is gone? Let me explain

You don’t actually own your blog:

Your blog is just on  life support, if your hosting on a free blog, one day you will wake of to see it pull down, either by the service provider claiming you violated their terms of service or they just stopped offering such services, Google, for instance, is known to  be in habit of  shutting down most of its platform. Where is Google Plus today?

Linda Ikeji had a terrible experience in 2015, Google deleted her blog, you know how bad that could have been for her if not for so many efforts that were put to restore it, after that incidence, she learned her lessons now she is on a self-hosted blog ( WordPress) lol!

2. You can’t build a brand on free blogs

No doubt, Linda Ikeji did it when blogging was in infancy and get away with it, but these days nobody takes a blog hosted on a free blog platform very seriously, you know why? Because everyone can do it, spammers, fraudster, etc, it takes serious bloggers or company to set up a unique blog

Except you weren’t planning on building a blogging career maybe, your blog just for fun then I wouldn’t border but if you intend to build a great business, career, and future in blogging, it’s so great you avoid wasting your efforts on free blogs

3. Limited Customization

Platforms like blogger, tumbler, free hosted WordPress and Wix offers you free limited themes and customization,

In today’s search engine ranking, one of the ranking factors which could help boost your blog popularity is the user experience, so most of these limited customizations will hamper the flexibility of customizing you. Imagine in future you were planning of adding a membership, forum or eCommerce section, you can’t get that on free blogs

 4. Monetization issues

Outside most of the listed limitations associated with free hosted blogs, earning good substantial month from your blog will be difficult too, because most blog providers such as free WordPress will not allow you to run ads on the free blog, while platforms like Blogspot will be easy for running Adsense, it doesn’t give you full power for effective monetization System.

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