How to Setup Google Adsense Ads.txt on your Blog in 60 Seconds FAST!

Are you wondering on how to set up Google Adsense Ads.txt on your blog or you just log in to your Adsense account, a pop-up notice appeared telling you that your earnings are at risk? because you have not implemented Ads.txt on your site

How to Setup Google Ads.txt on your blog fast

Ads.txt is a new initiative Introduced by  (Interactive Advertising Bureau ) IAB Lab Technology,  Ads.txt is short for Authorize Digital  Seller, to enable publishers to take control over who can sell their ad inventory

With this measure in place, Advertisers will get full details of  how their Ads were served including the impression source 

It was aimed at weeding out Fake and invalid Traffics from Publishers and prevent Frauds in order to protect Advertisers from ad frauds. If you are using Google Adsense or any other Adserving platforms, it’s one of the required steps that are required before you can start showing ads, 

Failure to comply may lead to limited Ad Serving or No Ads at all on your blogs, Google has been on the frontier to ensure there is transparency on how advertisers are billed and this is a Must-do action for anyone intending to use Google Adsense

So I am going to Show you how you can Quickly Add Ads.txt on your Blog, This implies WordPress, Bloggers or any other platform your using 

How to Setup Google Adsense Ads.txt Quickly  on your Self Hosted blog

The easiest way to do this is to create a text file using  notepad in your windows computer or any other

Go to Start on Windows 7, 8 or 10 and type notepad

copy the code google provided for you which looks like this, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Replace the “Pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” with your Adsense ID, you can find this by logging into your Adsense account

Adsense Account Settings to find your ads.txt publishers ID

When you click on Account your account Information will display like this

How to Setup Google Adsense Ads.txt on your Blog in 60 Seconds FAST!

Copy your Pub ID, I cleaned out mine in the picture, use it to replace the Pub-000000000000 in the original text.

login directly to your website control panel or you can use your site FTP and upload the text document you just created. name it “ads” the extension will end in “txt” ( ads.txt)


After Uploading it on your root Public_html folder it should be accessible like this

Ads.txt how to Add it to your blog faster

Another Way to Add ADS.TXT on WordPress using Plugin

Login to your WordPress admin Panel click on plugins, Click on “Add new” enter “Ads.txt” in the Search box and install the Plugin or you can also download the ADS.txt plugin directly here and upload it to your WordPress

After Installation of the plugin go to Settings as shown in the image and click on Ads.txt then change the pub-0000000000000000 to reflect on your own publisher’s ID, then save

That’s All

It will Take up to 24hrs for it to clear out from Google Adsense Notification

How to Setup Google Adsense Ads.txt in Blogger Account

Login to your blogger account, locate your account settings as you can see in the picture,

Locate the settings, Click on Search Preferences

Blogger Ads.txt setup guide and implementation

locate Monetization and enable the |Custom ads.txt, a text box will appear just copy this code and past in the box replacing your publisher’s ID, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Click on save , that’s All and wait for 24hrs for the message to clear up

This is pretty easy and can Take less than 6 seconds to setup, So if you are not sure on how to setup ads.txt on your custom blog just upload the txt file in your root folder.

I did it on this blog myself, Let me know if you succeed, or was the error still popping out after 24hrs?

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