Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone Version 2.2 – Updated!

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Its time to start your own eCommerce Classified online website like the big guys,

Live Demo:

Righttrade.ngNairastreet.comJIJI Classifieds Clone PHP demo

Hello There, My Name is Joshua Nwankwo, I am a web developer and a part-time blogger,  this blog is one of my side hustles which has given me more than I was expecting, because of the big opportunities which the internet has provided for us if you are ready to improve your source of income without quitting your present job or whatever you are engaged in, my blog should be on your bookmark because it’s about how to improve our daily earnings to better ourselves

This year many business ideas will definitely come to your mind but however, most of them are capital intensive or requires a lot of time, resources to achieve, if you are on a budget or with little capital, the best business ideas you should try your heads on right now must be online,  such as blogging, etc however the only issue with this business is that you must be a good writer or hire people to write for you at least twice weekly which to me might not be easy for some folks, This is why am introducing this business software for you

The Best Business Idea for you in 2021:

Instead of writing blogs or battling to earn money,  how about you tap into the latest growing trend in Nigeria, the E-commerce business, Do you know as of the year 2020  Jiji is worth more than $200 million dollars, This is a website that is not up to 10 years in Nigeria and funny thing is, the owner is not a Nigerian, Jiji does not sell or buy anything, they only provided the platform where buyers and sellers can meet to transact. This is what Is called a classifieds website

How can You make money with such a site?

It’s sweet if you can set up a website similar to Jiji you know why? because you do not need to post or submit contents, rather other people will use our website to promote their business thereby making your site busy here is how you can make a big income from this site

1.You make money through placing Google AdSense or third party affiliate links on your site pages,

2. You can make more cash by introducing promotional services to your users: My software has all those features, you might decide to offer your users the option to boost their ads as seen on Jiji, Top ads, Highlighted Ads, auto-renew ads, all these features will have separate payment, you can even set the price differently on each category or location, let us assume you have 3000 registered members if only 500 boost their ads with 1000 in a month that is 500 x 1000 = N500k Trust me you can have more than 10k membership within a year if you are focused.


What’s next?

Having a website like Jiji, requires a lot of tasks, hiring programmers which can cost at least $1500 for a start ( Convert to Naira its like about N690,000) this is a big sum for small startups but I am an entrepreneur too, I spent a lot of resources to put this up, provided you are not planning on selling this script, have made it readily available at a very super affordable price, all you need to do is to get the software, upload on your site install, edit everything to your taste and start running.

You can also reach out to me for quick installation and CSS Modifications after the order

So What are the features in This Jiji classifieds clone script?

Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone with details page

 Start your own online Classified Business without Stress

Maybe you are looking for Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone to kick off your business idea, We have exactly what you are looking for, a classifieds script that will run exactly like Jiji and OLX Classifieds PHP Script Clone,

We took our time to study and monitor this highly utilized classified system, we know how successful they are and the user interface is very smooth, friendly, and appealing,

We decided to recreate something similar to it, even with a lot of extra e-commerce featuresfull details Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone Version 2.2 - Updated!

Phone number verification OTP feature

enter Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone Version 2.2 - Updated!

When a new user registers, there is a need to provide a phone number to complete registration. Once the number is entered, the default registration process continues to phone number verification.

Cache to Improve Site Speed

Business Directory for your Sellers

enables every user to create a business profile for your own brand or company to be able to better advertise their own listings on your classifieds.

Car attributes, Job attributes, Real-Estate attributes

enable to add 10 different types for fields:

  • Select box – supports up to 8 levels of cascading dropdowns. Ideal for car attributes.
  • Radio buttons – select one from multiple options
  • Checkboxes – Select one or more from multiple options. (can be required field as well)
  • Text – short text or number
  • Text area – long text, suitable for job attributes (resume, …)
  • Date – date selector
  • Date range – date range selector
  • URL – link format, checked with HTML5 validation
  • Phone – phone number format, checked with HTML5 validation
  • Email – mail format, checked with HTML5 validation

Paystack Payment Gateway Integrated

promote Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone Version 2.2 - Updated!

Plus Other Payment Gateways such as Paypal. 2checkout, Coinbase ETC

Accept payment Online for Boosted Ad,  Highlight ADs, Top Ads

make payment using paystack

Affiliate program (referrals) Reward your members when they refer their friends This will help your site growth

Secure anti-Spam Artificial Intelligence that automatically flags any ads as spam and removes it without your interference


Web view Mobile Apps to help you get on Your feet ( optional)Mobile App Blog Conversion Service

ADSENSE OPTIMIZED – To help you earn More from Ads





How can you get exactly these Resouces?

Simple Place an Order and download the script all integrated together. You can follow the installation instruction  to arrive exactly as the Nairastreet or do a direct clean installation to  carve out your own

We know this bundle script worth more than 100k when you decide to develop yours but we want to cut down all the Stress and give you a flexible solution


Last updated history: January 10th, 2021

January 5th, 2020

+ Version 1.0: Initial Released with Minor features 
+ Bug fixed

June 22, 2020:

+ Customization, fixing of bugs, 
+  SMS integration


January 9th, 2021:

+ Upgrade of site to new version
+ Introduction of new features
+ Site redesign to Jiji Core styles
+ minor fixing
+ Improvement on speed, and user security



Startup Blog is not affiliated with Jiji or Olx, we used these brands as a demonstration on how a successful classified can be, all our works are open Source and you are free to modify or reuse as the needs arise


I also made a great post on how you can run a healthy How to Create a Website like Jiji Classifieds and make money from it in 2020 to kick off your business

11 reviews for Jiji Website Classifieds PHP Script Clone Version 2.2 – Updated!

  1. Itcan

    Cant buy a script without first seeing the demo of what I want to buy

    Since it’s jiji clone I’d like to see a demo

  2. UCHECHI, uwadike

    Wow thanks so much I have been looking for this exact thing, it made my job easy plus your script has other features jiji doesn’t have, hope you continue to support this product as we will be needing more customization

  3. Nnamdi Okoro

    Do you also do customization for this script?

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      what would you love to be done on it

  4. Nnamdi Okoro

    I would love to add more listing options.does this script come with admin panel?

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      Of course, it has options to add more unique fields for each category or sub categories

  5. Adisa

    Good can one edit the script to once taste?

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      Of course, I am bringing up a newer update

  6. Saban Brkic (verified owner)

    Hi i have pay for script who is download??

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      Files updated, you can now download from your download panel

  7. Mars

    hey do you offer mobile apps as well both apk and IOS

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      We have a Semi Android app that comes along with it

  8. Victor

    I want to see the Admin dashboard(demo) for this script

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      All the script u see there are live and for ur info, I have removed the nairastreet its only right trade that is serving as a demo now

  9. Victor

    Also demo for the Android App

  10. Victor

    can the categories be in grid form when you use mobile phone to view the website?
    i view the website(demo) on mobile and it wasn’t looking like jiji on mobile

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      on request, we can do that for you however you must have purchased the script and request for additional modification, but come to think of it, this is the cheapest script for something almost 95 percent Jiji clone and less than 100 dollars, hiring a freelancer or from anywhere can cost you more than a thousand dollars to come up

  11. David

    1. I want to use the script outside nigeria globally. Can i have all countries lookup with their cities / region?
    Should auto select cities from selected country.
    2. Can we add more currencies? I see only Naira when creating a new ad.
    3. Can we have multiligual support? I want easy language switching.
    4. What Framework and Backend is it built with?
    5. Can i do custom work? What happens when you have a new update?
    6. Can we have multiple payment options?

    • Joshua Nwankwo

      Yes you can have multiple language,
      Yes you can have multiple country
      Yes you can also have different currency even with exchange rate
      If I do any update you will have six month from time of purchase to download it
      There are more than 30 payment gateways it has all these are disabled you can enable the desired choice
      There are more productivity in it but it was disabled you just activate what you need

      More updates to come

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