New Way to Earn Passive Income from your Blog in 2021 Updated!

Is there a new way to earn passive income from your blog which you are not yet doing yet? Is there a one big earning opportunity that could change your everyday struggle to earn from your blog, but you are yet to activate it? this is precisely my thought and here is an in-depth post I made while going through my mind on how you can step up your blog, earn more, and even hire others to earn from you as affiliates

While I was writing on my blog it struck me that there are a lot, if not millions of web blogs churn out on a daily basis so how is my blog different from any of those?

You are not the only one aspiring to earn a decent living from the internet,

The era of multilevel marketing came everyone jumped at it, then Cryptocurrencies sprout out, we all tested the cookie, many other affiliate marketing schemes such as helping hands international, GNLD, etc were rolled out, peaked and declined.

However, one thing that has eluded most online web entrepreneurs is on how to consistently keep up with their earnings without struggling on a daily basis to write a blog post, do keyword research, or content marketing. Most times I wonder if there is an idea I can work on on my blog which will keep on bringing in paying clients without me posting frequently or fighting to rank in SEO?

A pro blogger understands very well what Search Engine Marketing means and of course the dream of every blogger is to remain first in the Search Engine result pages SERPs, unfortunately, this is a milestone that is short-lived

There are many factors which could affect your web ranking, from Searching engine core updates to your optimizations and to other authority sites competing on the same keywords with your new blog

However, at the end of the day, ranking your blog is a “MUST” for you to attract the kind of traffic which will lead to sales, click-through and lead generation

The new way to earn passive income from your blog

For a very long time since 2010 when I considered blogging till now, I have been pondering how I can get out of this rat race = write > optimize > promote > earn, then repeat it again. no doubt the earnings alone from this sequence can see you through a lifetime, but…

What if there is another way someone can carve out a more flexible, lucrative, and less stressful means of earning that you can start traditionally, just like the usual norms, you write a post, optimize it, kick off promotional strategies but as soon as you begin to earn from it, the income will be continuous and your writing schedule could be once in a quarter?

Having a niche based blog can provide something related to this but not exactly. Because once you stop writing slowly your traffic will start nosediving until it’s relegated to the background

The system that keeps spitting out money

The System that keps making you money from your blog in auto pilot
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This is my ideal online business model, a system that keeps on generating passive income with little input after the first momentum of attention it will sustain the steam and continuously firing

As a blogger I have experimented with countless ideas, topics, and contents including some earning programs to see if I can achieve these set of dream or drive, however, it had always appeared elusive

The closest was affiliate marketing whereby I earn a substantial amount referring my audience to the products or services I deem great from my affiliate network provider

Some recurring and multi-tier affiliate system can get closer to this idea but your future of earnings depends on the continuity and existence of such product or referee affiliate

Having said that how can you carve out a big earning opportunity which is so enormous to create more job opportunities, another source of earnings and also make you richer?

This is my ideal online business, knowing that such ideas won’t come cheap and the resources required to set one up could bankrupt my entire account

The first step towards attaining such goal is to begins with the tools at your disposal right now your just an ordinary blogger, I am one too, as I share these thoughts and mind-blowing facts with you, It helps me push on more hard to achieve this feat

Blogging and Service provision

This is a compound term; my aim here is to combine my blogging skills with a good service which I offer to my clients directly

Of lately that’s exactly what everyone does such services might include web designing, selling of eBooks on your site, site audit, online tutorial, booking, deliveries, consultancy, counseling, etc.

No matter the sphere and niche you are, soon you will grow to be a brand that will command a lot of attention, that’s if you are determined to reach that peak,

But in this post I want to dive into more, your blog is a marketing and announcement media which you should nurture and prepare for your future products or services,

This is why you must have a clearly defined path even before you start up your blog, what is your end game? To make some cash or additional streams of income or to craft out a passive-aggressive income source that can sustain a generation to come?

if the latter is your desire, I have an idea which should be every blogger’s desire to arrive at a point where you shouldn’t be all worked up in your blogging career, I will use some top bloggers as case studies and what exactly they are doing now ( which you should be planning on doing too)

The Ideal blogging Business Model You Should Aim at

the Idea business growth hack you should aim at when starting your new blog

85 percent beginners into blogging are more interested to earn some passive income, say 1-100k monthly, that’s fair, however, it also requires more work, keeping up with the game, write more post, engage our audience, aggressive promotional strategies, etc.,

But as time progresses you should not dwell on this circle for long if you have reached a phase whereby your blog can attract as much as 500k to millions monthly active audiences and page views, this is the best time to implement the phase two,

Depending on the niche your blog is focused on, it’s time to create a service-based blog. It is a new way to earn passive income from your blog.

A service-based blog is a kind of blog where your audience is more like your clients, besides getting informed they also use services provided by you. Neil Patel the owner of Ubersuggest Content Marketing keywords research tool and Darren Rowse the founder of ProBlogger are case studies who have successfully channeled their blogs to an “A-plus” money spitting machine by converting their blogs to service-based systems or tools

What is a Service-Based blog?

It’s a blog platform which combines SaaS architecture with content readership

This is another way of introducing your own product through blogging, however, this set of product isn’t like your conventional eBook sales, web design, deliveries, article writing or SEO consultation / Hiring while you continue offering this to squeeze out more earning juice you also introduce automated systems which requires your audience to create an account on the monthly or annual billing system.

Neil Patel as a Case Study

Neil Patel Online serial Digital Marketing entreprenuer
Credit: Neil Patel Twitter handle

He is a well-renowned Digital Marketing Expert, an SEO blogger who had once helped big firms such as Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom to grow their revenue, these milestones have come with many awards and according to Forbs he is one of the ten leading online entrepreneurs in the world, during Praisent Barrack Obama reign, he was recognized as among top 100 under 30 online entrepreneurs by the president himself,

While many of us are yet to achieve this feat, some are already filling fulfilled, if you are satisfied with your level of achievement online, that’s cool but you know, the universe is large enough to build any kind of idea, Neil provides one of the best and cost-driven SEO services alongside with affiliate marketing and eBooks, numerous training courses

However extending further, he confounded some smart digital startup ventures, I look forward to attaining this level in my online entrepreneurship. It might not be exactly on providing SEO or Blogging tools, it could be a different entire idea such as in Agricultural sector or even education,

By ridding on you online popularity using your blog, you can introduce lucrative SaaS ideas ( Software as a service), which your blog audience can subscribe and become a paying client, for instance, one of his SaaS idea which I love using is Ubersuggest because it’s far cheaper many other online keyword research tools out there,

Neil petal has succeeded in making his blog and site a part of your life which you need to achieve your own success, his blog isn’t just a place for reading alone but a tool for online digital promotion and keyword research

When you had attained this level of achievement to market your services or product becomes a piece of cake for you because most of your posts will be focused on how to help your clients solve their needs and your site tool becomes your first recommendation. In most of Neil Patel’s follow up newsletter after introducing great SEO topics, Ubersuusgest is top on the list of keyword analysis tools he will recommend for your keyword research. LOL

As your clients read through your blog on solving each of their needs it soon hit them hard your spreading offering an online tool which can solve such needs,

Who wouldn’t want to try it?  Outside providing useful links to your affiliate sites and maybe running other ads including sales of your eBooks, here again, there is a tool that will help the reader get close to the root of his travails!

Your blog is a tool

Like I outlined, offering your free ideas, products comparison and reviews of different online systems will definitely bring in traffics but to funnel in these users and convert them to loyal site users, newsletters or eBooks downloads lead capturing isn’t just enough

There should be something which will bring them back, this is where creating a tool is very ideal, because your blog users will not regard your blog as just a tutorial spot but a place to get the required result concerning their needs. depending on your niche health, fitness, education relationship, dating, jobs you can develop an app service which your clients will continue using outside the readership they enjoy, in turn, fatten your bank statement


Having talked about the Service based blog, I understand your imaginations are running wild, especially if your niche is not what everyone might think of. Yes, I understand perfectly let’s say you are blogging about news or politics how can you offer a service for that? yes, the majority of my friends are into an online news blog, and it’s not so easy for such people to come up with a SaaS idea. however such topics can also make you a big media influencer if you are good with what you are doing, along your blog career you can partner with other big firms to launch advertisement, branding, and business promotional system

for health and fitness bloggers you can hire an app developer to build a health and fitness monitoring software which your users can download install on your devices to help them live a healthy lifestyle

Lets look at an educational blogger or Edu blog, I am actually working on something in this niche, because of my numerous wealth of access to some local schools, Universities in my country, am developing an Edu blog where students can get update about their schools, resources and past examination questions, I am also introducing a CBT system into the blog , you what that means , many students will have to pay a small token take a personal assessment quiz in preparation for their exams

So in wrapping off, I encourage you never to limit yourself in earning only from Adsense, ebooks or affiliate revenues its time to create a road map for your blog, work through it and develop something worthwhile which can evolve to a big business that could hire staff and sustain a Generation without everyday Post>>Promte>>and earn kind of life

Would you like to be my friend? yes let us work together, get in touch with me lets share ideas or work on something, yes I Develop blogs too in case you need a decent and SEO optimized affordable blog creation or e-commerce site hit me up, my contents are listed below my picture BIO

Let me hear your thoughts. if you enjoyed reading this post, it means a lot of your friends will too, kindly share to help someone else, who knows the lives you will be impacting on.

Have a great time.

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