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Cost of Starting a Small Scale Broiler Farm in 2022 Simplified!

Here is a comprehensive guide on the cost of starting a small scale broiler farm, If you are wondering whether agric farming is lucrative in 2022, I put it to you that you are missing a lot, Agriculture is the new oil! Are you a graduate or out of school person wishing to startup another side hustle this 2022 or maybe you just want to add another stream of income to your earnings especially now the cost of living is way high and everyone is complaining, then I think you should consider poultry farm

some of the major setbacks a lot of young farmers faces in the poultry farming system are due to lack of experience, the capital requirement is also on the high side plus most people think that poultry farming is not so lucrative

In this resource riched article am going to direct you on how to start a small scale Broiler poultry farm of 200 birds and grow from it to at least 1000 birds according to your vision

in this post, you will learn more about the cost of items ( summarized cost)

  • Cost of erecting / renting the space depending on your location
  • cost of acquring the birds and where to buy from
  • some effective strategies you can use to reduce cost and improve productivity

Cost of Starting a Small Scale Broiler Farm in full details

Before you start buying all the items and birds for your broiler poultry farm, just for a moment I wish to remind you about the need to ensure you inquirer in your locality especially around the market areas on how much they can buy 7 – 8 weeks birds and possible gather as much contact as possible of birds sellers so that it will be so easy for you to dispose of these birds after you are done rearing them,

Land and Space requirements:

If you do not have good space then it will be very difficult, depending on the size of the farm you are intending to start, below is the standard space requirements for your birds according to their body weight

Floor space (ft2/bird)Floor space (m2/bird)Mature bodyweight of the bird (kg)
Table showing the space requirement of birds at various body weight

How to Calculate the total space requirement for your broiler birds

The standard space required for 1 broiler at 2.3kg is 0.97 sq ft which is 0.09 sq m. Therefore, for 200 broilers is 0.97 X 200 = 194 sq ft. or 18.0232 sq m.

Enough of the Grammar and other standard measures here, am sure not everyone that will be weighing their birds daily to adjust the floor space so I will use my discretion to advise you, you can adjust the space

Space requirements of Broilers according to weeks

Weeks of rearing BirdsSpace Required per broiler chick
Week one0.09 sq. m, per chick, for 200 birds it’s (0.09 sq m x 200 chicks) = 18 square Metre
Week Two 0.18 sq. m, * 200 ( to get the total space required for the whole bird)
Week three0.27 sq. m x 200 birds
Week Four0.36 sq. m x 200 birds
Week Five0.60 sq. m x 200 birds
Week Six0.60 sq. m 200 birds
Week Seven0.60sq. m 200 birds
space requirements of broilers

Cost of Poultry equipment

if this is the first time you are going to start a farm you need poultry equipment such as :

  1. Flip-top feeder = 12 ( for the Brooding stage)
  2. Drinkers = 20 (10 birds per drinker)
  3. Feeders = 20 ( depending on the space available
  4. Heaters or brooders = 2 ( 2 Electric or charcoal Pot is enough)

Therefore you can calculate the amount required, with ₦43,700 you should be able to get the above

Cost of Constructing 200 Birds Capacity Broiler pen

if the hose is not ready then you need to construct the poultry pen, but if you have a well-ventilated room with two windows then all you need is to divide the room according to the space or number of birds you are rearing however I included the cost of setting up the poultry house because not everyone will have access to already made pen, let’s peg it at N75k ( for woods, the zincs, nails and workmanship you might bargain lower or higher depending on your prowess and location

Vaccination and other medication costs

The first Gumboro, second gumbo, Lasota, Multivitamins, and antibiotics shouldn’t be more than ₦12,000

Cost of Feeding your Birds

Feeding accounts for more than 70 percent of broiler production because they are heavy feeders if you give adequate space and feed them Ad libitum ( feeding 24/7) in 6 – 7 weeks you should be able to achieve 2.5kg or more live weight,

How many bags of feeds can 100 broilers consume?

On average, a broiler will consume 1.2k of feeds from day old to week three and an average of 4.3kg of feeds from day 1 to week 8, which should be the maximum time you can keep it ( to reduce expenses and make a good profit) I rear and sell off mine in 6 weeks and it worths it.

Finding The total Bags required
let’s Calculate it: if one broiler can consume 4.3 then for 100 broilers it will consume:
4.3kg x 100 birds = 430 kg in 6 weeks (17.2 bags of feeds in 6-7 weeks)

How much will it cost to feed 100 Broilers from day-old to week 8?

Let’s consider the total number of birds and the weeks involved, in this case, we are looking at 8 weeks

broiler day old chicks Cost of Starting a Small Scale Broiler Farm in 2022 Simplified!
Cost of Feed needed for 100 broilers (1- 8 weeks)
The total cost should be the price of the current feed (25kg )8500 Naira x17.2 bags = ₦146,200
How much is a Bag of Feed:
According to Afrimash, a beg of feed is 8500 Naira, though there are various brands and companies I used an average price to arrive at this.

Table showing the Total feeds required by a broiler from week one to week 9 and the bodyweight per bird (kg)

Age (Week)Feed Consumed Per Bird (kg)Cumulative Feed Consumed (kg)Average Body Weight Per Bird (kg)Average Body Weight Gain Per Bird (kg)
Week 10.1670.1670.1850.185
Week 20.3750.5420.4650.280
Week 30.651.1920.9430.478
Week 40.9452.1371.5240.581
Week 51.2153.3522.1910.667
Week 61.4344.7862.8570.666
Week 71.5936.3793.5060.649
Week 81.6918.0704.1110.605
Week 91.7159.7854.6490.538
Broiler Weekly Feed Intake Chart and Weight / Growth Chart Source

Cost of Purchasing the Day-old Chicks

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