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Get your Wordpress blog enlisted into google play store at an affordable price, we will convert your blog to App version, then submit it for you to Playstore

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You have a great Blog right now or maybe you wish to have an amazing blog for your audience, how about having it an android or IOS Platform?

This service is meant to increase your blog reach boost your earnings, We will covert your WordPress blog to Android version  and also submit it to Google play store on your request

features too Mobile App Blog Conversion Service

Feature your new App will have

  • Splash Screen: We will use your logo as the splash screen.  and your blog slogan too.
  • No Internet & Error Screen: When the app doesn’t get any internet connection, the app will show “no internet connection” or any type of error message related to the problem.
  • Smart Ads Solution: Earn money from AdMob and we can also disable it if you want
  • Ask Permission: Based on google guidelines our app will ask your users required permission when it’s needed this boosts its trust level.
  • Media Support: The app will supports video (Youtube, vimeo, HTML5 videos etc), audio(.mp3, .wav etc)
  • HTML5 Game: The Blog app supports HTML5 games and you can play the game inside the app.
  • File Upload/Download: You can upload and download files.
  • Download Manager: Download any file with our download manager.
  • Push Notification: Push notification with Google cloud messaging, don’t worry we also support One Signal.
  • JavaScript Support: RocketWeb supports every JavaScript Dialog.
  • App Rating & Share: Your user can promote your app with share and rate the app in play store without any configuration.
  • Open External App (Native Application Open): From your website, RocketWeb can open the email app, call a number, open a play store product page, or a youtube video, etc in the native app.
  • Device Responsive: Our app design will maintain the device responsive automatically. The screen will be supported from 4” to 10” devices.


Delivery Period

1-4 Working Days for App alone, Submission to Google Playstore takes Extra 7 working days

Additional information

Blog App Details

No Google Playstore Submission, PlayStore Submission, Custume Playstore Submission


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