Ways to Make Money in Nigeria with no Capital 2023

Is it really possible as an uneploye person to make money in Nigeria with no capital? it sounds like one of those stories which is too only true in theories right? but what if i can prove you wrong on this notion, you can actually strike a deal or make extra income without a startup business capital?

Nigeria Poverty index rate was 40.1 percent in 2019, as the economic situation kept on nosediving into recession and depression, the population of Nigeria keeps on exploding if nothing is done to put this in check with the high level of reckless corruption by the Leaders, I assure you before 2025, over 170 Million Nigerians will be extremely poor,

While this is an exaggeration but truth remains, it has never been this bad in our Country, most times I wonder whom we offend, don’t you feel the same? I mean look at the enormous natural resources and human resources we have yet we are among the most backward nation

This is a clarion call for my fellow young people, its time to think from inside, this post won’t dwell on all the listicles on how to make money bullcrap, I am driving home a simple way even if you do not have a kobo how to rise from ashes to becoming someone who can boast of something substantial in life

This post is meant to stimulate you towards considering certain opportunities or awaking your business conscious mind especially around your locality, how you can tap into any of the existing business niches in your environment even without startup capital.

Howyou can Make Money in Nigeria with no Capital

money back up Ways to Make Money in Nigeria with no Capital 2023

So after graduation from school in 2016 till now, it seemed no job in sight, even with all the CV and job interviews the few available positions are teaching jobs or menial positions with a payment less than the 30k minimum wage,

You are not alone, but then what can you do to extricate yourself from the quagmire every fresh graduate in Nigeria is facing? here is an idea that will surely help you start something without much capital

if you live in areas where there is an auto sales shop, that’s a car dealership, here is my simple suggestion, after all, you have nothing to lose, walk up to the owner or people in charge of car sales, negotiate with the manager, let us assume a car is sold for 1.6 million Naira you could tell them once you bring in a buyer they should ensure the add extra 50, 100, 150 or 200k depending on the buyer ability.

How do you get your buyers?

online laptop money Ways to Make Money in Nigeria with no Capital 2023

Here is a simple way you can get buyers, now with access to the car, you can take different pictures from various angles, go to classifieds site such as Olist and Jiji, Post the cars with their attributes if you have small cash you can even boost the ads to show on top or delighted ads since you know the original car price you can add extra to it

Once a buyer chats you up, you take him or her for inspection and allow the car dealers to finish the job, you take your commission and move on.

This same idea is applicable to other sectors even in real estate, you can consult an agent or property owners in your location, depending on the kind of deal involve you can post pictures of land, shops, houses, there are some real estate owners who offer marketing opportunities with a commission, this is an opportunity to start a business without any capital

Trust me this is the first place to look at if you are living around places where you can, you can reach a lot of serious buyers if you are active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp status, you can also sell other stuff, perfumes, shoes, slip


Its true nothing is easy when it comes to making money in Nigeria, however never underestimate every little opportunity you see, you can start a good business from scratch without a strong capital base, trust me, all you need to do is to give it a trial and when the deals strike please make sure you don’t eat all at once, you can be saving little by little no matter how small for other business opportunities that will require money.

There are other business ideas you could start with little Capital and make something worthwhile all you need is the determination and research

Thanks for reading hope it helps incase you have questions just ask and i will get back to you

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