AdSense Address Verification Without Pin! 2021 Complete Guide

This post is a detailed Guide on Adsense Address Verification without pin, especially if you are living in rural areas where there is no direct contact address,

I made this post from my own experience with Google Adsense, and if you follow this my complete guide trust me, you will have all your issues sorted out on your own without panicking,

I understand how it feels when issues of Adsense ID verification and Address verification arises, because of how difficult it is these days to get account approval, it will be very bad to lose the one you got. so I was once like you, new, inexperienced, and scared when the stage of verification came. Here was how I verified my Google Adsense Account the same day

Google Adsense ID Verification

There are two verification you must carry out on your account before you can be paid, if you recently got an AdSense account, have it mind as soon as your earnings reach the $10 threshold, Google will require you to verify your identity

The best way you can carry out a cool Adsense ID verification is to use either of the following:

National ID card: The hardcopy, ensure that name on the card match the name you used for your Google Adsense, if it doesn’t match you can edit the Contact name inside your Adsense account to reflect on the same name printed on the card. Using a sharp phone snap it showing your hand holding it clearly, ( E get why)

International Passport: This is another easeir way to verfiy your Adsense Account ID, just Like your National ID, ensure the name corresponse and then hold it clearly to snap please let the picture show even the external edges probaly other environment to sacertain you did not edit it

Drivers lincense : Is another Government Issued ID which is acceptable by Google

Right now these two are the Most acceptable way you can verfiy your ID on Adsense.

What if you don’t have any of these two documents? don’t worry on the latter page of this post, I talked about how you can solve these issues, just like I did

Adsense Address verification without Pin Steps

Once you successfully completed your ID verification the last step to being free from AdSense troubles is to verify your payment address, most times this last phase is so challenging, and if you fail to verify your address, you will not receive any payment from Google plus after some months your Ads will stop running

After your ID verification, Google will send you a 6-digit Personal Identification Number ( PIN) which will be emailed to your physical address, it usually takes 3-4 weeks for it to arrive, most times it might take longer especially during the Convid-19 lockdown, in general, you have about 4 months to verify your payment address by entering the pin inside your account or your Ads will stop showing.

What to do When you did not recieve your Adsense Pin

Most Adsense account owners do not receive their verification pin because of their locations, if you are living in rural areas where there are no postal services, it will be impossible for you to receive your Pin, I encountered the same issue until I did the following

Step1: Exhuast all your pin attempt

Because of the possibility of losing your mails on transit, Google gives you up to 4 attempts to resend your pins, this is why the pin verification period can last as much as 4-5 months before you will use other methods to verify your Adsense payment account

Whenever you are notified about your Pin being sent, try to give a 3 weeks gap before you can click on resend pin until 4 times, this will exhaust all your pin attempt, please do not try to enter gues wrong pins just by clicking on resend till the 4th time

Step 2: Time to Verify your Adsense Address without Pin

hello adsense 1 AdSense Address Verification Without Pin! 2021 Complete Guide

When my pin sending attempt was exhausted, in less than 30 days when I logged into my account I saw a warning saying I have less than one month to verify my Adress or my Ads will stop showing, I ignored it until one day my ads stopped showing, right inside my AdSense account a small notification indicated my Ads are not showing because I have not verified my address

Step 3: Verify your AdSense Payment Address Without Pin using your ID cards or Bank Statement

You can also Verify your Adsense Payment address without pin if you have your National Id, Voters Card, or International passport, These are official documents accepted as proof of identity by Google Adsense

If you have any of the listed Items, your worries are over because Adsense accepts all of these methods for payment address verification, but for an express Address verification without a pin, when you click on this link below and attached a snapped copy of the ID, followed by your bank statement. that was how I did mine and my address verification was resolved within 48hrs.

Let’s say, during the first time you used your ID card or someone else ID to verify your Adsense identity, when it comes to Adsense payment address verification without a pin, please just visit your bank or plead with the person to go to his or her bank to printout his account statement, luckily for me my bank always sends my monthly account statement through email, I just log in to print it out scan and attached it alongside the first ID card I used for Identity verification

Step 4; Fill The Form and Submit for your Address to be Verified

Visit this link ; Personal Identification Number (PIN) Help Page

Adsense Pin Verification page AdSense Address Verification Without Pin! 2021 Complete Guide

Ensure you fill in your correct name as used during your ID verification followed with your publisher’s id which starts with pub-xxxxxxxxxxx, ( You can find it on your “Account Information” page, choose Account, then click Account information.) enter the email address you wised to be contacted for further response, attached the ID card and the bank statement (Showing your contact address), it should be the first page of the statement. Click on submit and Viola you are done, just relax and wait to be notified of the decision within 24-48hrs

Mine took less than 5hrs Adsens sent me a mail and it feel so good itsnt? that is all

approved AdSense Address Verification Without Pin! 2021 Complete Guide

In Conclusion

I do hope by now you know how to do AdSense Address Verification Without Pin and i belebeiv this article will help you sort out any confusion or doubt regarding Adsense Account Verfication ,

Please feel free to Ask me any Question concerning AdSense address verification without Pin, I will try my best to be of help


Can I Use my Voters card to Verify my Addrees?

It all depends, if you have your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) then you can use it to verify your ID and even your Adsense payment Address when the time comes but you will be rejected if you used the paper voters card

Can I Use my Temporally National ID for Verification?

No, Adsense will never accept temporal or laminated National ID card, only the Orignal ID card issued by NIMCS is accepted

Can I use my friends or Family member ID Card to verify my Adsense Account

Yes, provided they are not enrolling in the Adsense program and they are willing to coporate with you during the second phase of Address verification you can go ahead to do so

Can I Change the Name I used during verfication latter

No, once your account ID is verified you can not change it but you can use your real name and bank details in the payment section

After I verify my Adsnes Payment Address, What next?

if your Ads was stopped, it will start showing again, you can proceed to edit your payment details, I advise you to accept payments in dollars, you can open a dollar account with your chosen bank and fill in their account details

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